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Starcrossed Murderers
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Before we begin, you should know that I paused the show during the introduction so I can report that the news station that's always playing is WEBG, Channel 7. You're welcome.

Previously: Oliver met a girl! Tonight: Oliver wakes up in bed with a girl! Well, Helena wakes up first and sneaks out. Then she rides her motorcycle to an alley stocked with Triad goons. She should be wearing her helmet here, both because that's how she hides her identity and because she's riding a motorcycle. Safety first! She slowly aims her gun at one of the Triads and eventually fires just as Oliver jumps off a roof onto her. He shoots an arrow into the Triad's car and evades the dozens of bullets shot at him in response.

Now that the Triad has driven away, Oliver's outraged that Helena was going to shoot the leader of the Triads. "It's not justice!" he insists. She asks what he does that's so different and he answers, "Would you let me show you?" But he does it in a weird clenched-teeth petulant snarl that implies he's been asking her for weeks to come to work with him. The emphasis is all over the place.

Oliver has taken Helena to Big Belly Burger. Carla says she doesn't know where Diggle is. Wouldn't you think Oliver would just buy him a phone or something? Oliver tells Helena that it's nice to be on a second date, but she clarifies for him that just because they slept together doesn't mean they're dating. She reminds him that he kills people and he claims that he only does that when it's absolutely necessary. "It's not my opening move," he lies. She apologizes for winging his mother, which is nice of her. He's mad that she's just doing this to get back at her father, because it's completely different from his father-based motivation. He also offers to show her another way. She declines.

Now he's doing shirtless handstand push-ups in the Arrowlair. It's hard to call this gratuitous when it's the major selling point of the show. Diggle lectures him about what a bad job he did of talking Helena down. Oliver recaps her story about having her fiancé killed by the mob because her father found a laptop full of evidence that Helena was going to give to the FBI, but he doesn't explain why she couldn't just go back to the FBI again. It can't be that hard to accumulate evidence when you're the daughter of the guy in charge. Diggle is also worried about the Triads raining down hell on Starling City if they decide to get in a war with the Bertinelli mob. For his part, Oliver goes to his pull-up bar and does some show-offy Ninja Warrior action. He swears he can save Helena. Diggle: "Either way, it ends badly." Oliver: "Either way, I gotta try." That was productive.

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