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The War on Drugs

Police Station. Oliver is surprised to see a lady named McKenna Hall. She's a vice cop, and they apparently had a wild, party-filled youth together. Oliver thinks that if they could take down the Count, they could take the heat off Thea. McKenna has a folder of extremely vague information, but she doesn't like Oliver's idea of calling him whenever she learns anything. Oliver leaves, and Detective Lance asks what that was all about. Nothing much comes of that question and I regret recapping it.

The thug from the first scene is sitting alone in a warehouse when a creepy guy comes in and injects him with something. He explains about how it's filling him with pain, but the thug is making a lot of noise and the background music is pretty loud, so it's hard to make out. Creepy guy gives the thug a gun with one bullet, and the thug shoots himself. Creepy guy muses, "The Hood. Coming for me. Interesting." So he's The Count, then. Count Creepy. In comic books, he'd be Count Vertigo, but that's the name of the drug already.

Now we're in a soft-lit room with soft-rock while someone uses Windows 8. But it's not a commercial! Laurel is just reading up on Thea's legal issues. Tommy Merlyn strolls in and points out that if he works all night on the club and she works during the day on law stuff, they won't have much time together. And that's enough of them: Oliver's here! He wants Laurel to talk to her father on Thea's behalf. They're acting like it's awkward to be talking with Tommy there, but they've gotten through that situation several times already.

The Lances talk. Detective Lance doesn't want to help out Thea because he hates the Queens. Laurel says Thea is just like her sister Sarah was. Sarah was arrested for shoplifting and her father made it go away. Detective Lance points out that maybe if she'd had to go to jail, she wouldn't have ended up a party girl who died on the Queens' shipwreck. Laurel makes a heartfelt plea, and her father says he'll make some calls.

Oliver has taken Diggle to the Bratva headquarters. He warns Diggle to just go along with anything. Then he starts speaking Russian to the local Bratva goons, who are a little suspicious about a Bratva Captain who never shows up to commit crimes. Oliver has a duffel bag of something (I'll just assume it's cash) and wants to get into the Vertigo business. He's got a folder on The Count, which is everything the police have on him. So that should be enough to cut a deal, right? Sure, says the Bratva goon. But he needs a favor first because it's very odd for an American billionaire to be a captain in the Bratva. It is revealed that Oliver saved the life of someone named Anatoly. A backup goon drags out a terrified man, and Oliver is told to kill him to prove his Bratva cred. He puts the man in a sleeper hold, and he falls. "Spasebo," says the goon. "What are friends for?" answers Oliver.

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