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The War on Drugs

And then! The police are here! Gunfire! Oliver should probably get out of there. He runs after The Count, who gets him in the chest with a couple of needles. "No witnesses!" he says, before fleeing down a staircase. Oliver's friend shoots up the Russians' car and makes it stop. Diggle finds Oliver and helps him up.

Back to the Arrowlair! Diggle sets a shirtless Oliver on a table and mixes up some herbs. Oliver grabs him by the neck for no apparent reason, but Diggle gets the mixture into his mouth. Oliver screams!

Back on the island, Oliver is fighting Yao Fei in the circle. Yao Fei gets him in a sleeper hold, then lets him fall.

Oliver wakes up handcuffed to the table. He promises not to kill Diggle, who obligingly uncuffs him and gives him a shirt. Apparently he only got a half-dose. But they came away with some Vertigo. Oliver refuses to rest up from the massive drug overdose he just recovered from.

Castle Queen. Detective Lance and Officer McKenna are here to talk to Oliver. I realize "McKenna" is her first name, but "Officer McKenna" sounds cooler than "Officer Hall." There was a drug deal last night, and an eyewitness saw Oliver there. And that eyewitness was McKenna, which is awkward for Oliver. Oliver admits that he was checking into The Count, hoping to get a look at him. Moira is a little stressed out by this. So is Detective Lance! But he's willing to accept this story. Before the cops leave, Oliver thanks Lance for helping Thea. When they're alone, Moira shouts at Oliver about sneaking around with drug dealers. Oliver thinks she's really angry about him telling Thea about their father, and then Thea comes back in. Now she's all sad and repentant. They have a tearful hug. Oliver walks out of the room.

Diggle's waiting in the hallway. Oliver's still planning on investigating the Vertigo. He starts to claim that because it's in liquid form, it contains water. So maybe they can trace the water! This is clearly nonsense, so it's a good thing he gets overwhelmed by wooziness and falls down.

Flashback! Oliver's body is about to be tossed off a cliff. Yao Fei says he'll do it, which gives him time to do the magic wake-up nerve touch. But he still throws Oliver down a fifty-foot drop into a lake.

Oliver and Diggle have gone to Q Consolidated. Diggle thinks they should go to a hospital, because they don't know what's in Vertigo. They're here to see Felicity, their all-purpose genius. Oliver claims that his buddy is starting an energy drink company, so he'd like Felicity to run "a spectroanalysis" on this liquid to find out exactly where it's made. Felicity asks why this alleged energy drink is in a syringe, and Oliver claims he ran out of sports bottles. I am really enjoying how lame his excuses have gotten.

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