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Christine Heldens wants to make Norma a permanent fixture via her brother George, regardless of what Norman thinks about all that. Norman and Emma made new friends at Bradley's memorial service. Dylan made a new friend who turned out to be his uncle, who turned out to also be his dad -- which Norma only admitted so Norman would stop beating up his brother like some kind of psycho -- and which has now obviously sent all three of the Massett/Bateses into total meltdown.

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Emma wakes up looking even more beautiful than she always does, in a room of the motel where she works, next to a tuckered-out Cupcake Boy. Fearing the worst, she gets hers shit together and drags her O2 tank outside, where a curious child and a worried mom draw near.

Emma: "This is just my tank, I am fine, don't pester me about my congenital situation."
Mom: "Okay but like is there a manager here? I wasn't actually concerned about you."
Emma: "I am basically the manager. Which makes it all the more convenient that I woke up on the premises."
Mom: "Okay because there is a very sympathetic boy passed out in that truck over there, covered in puke. Seems like something you should be aware of."

Emma is worried immediately to see Dylan's dire state, can't rouse him, and is immediately faced with a thickness and a pukiness when she opens the truck door and -- "Oops, whup, nope, back in, back in" -- he comes spilling out on top of her, still out of it. She always makes the best faces!


She has to poke Norman about five times before he wakes up, wild-eyed, and the relief that Dylan's nearby and not wrapped around a telephone pole, or worse, doesn't quite get in the way of covering for Norma: "She had a tough night," he says. "I can help."

After an awkward "I'm in my boxers" moment, he's dressed and downstairs. Those two kids are becoming old hands at carrying half-dead people around that motel! They get him into a bed and start tugging at his shoes; Emma is, of course, curious.

Emma: "What on Earth is this? Do you think he has alcohol poisoning? Did he get fired from being a drug mercenary? Did he get into a fight with somebody?"
Norman: "I don't know, Emma. Stop asking me questions, Emma. It is too weird to talk about so stop talking."

They used to be really good friends. Maybe they still can be. Norma shows up, looking pretty ratchet in her own right, and just kind of stares around at everybody.

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