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A Handful Of Dustin

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A Handful Of Dustin

Zach uses the gambit of making dinner for Jessica to get her alone for a strategy chat. He recaps that Amber will certainly vote to evict Dick, as will Jameka and Eric. He asks what will happen in the event of a tie, and Jessica says she'd been thinking she would vote out Dick, but now she's not so sure that's the smart play. Zach points out that Dick is a lightning rod of controversy in the house, but that allows players like Zach and Jessica not to draw attention to themselves, which is an excellent point. He basically volunteers to vote whichever way Jessica tells him to -- a very smart yet low-key play for a contestant in Zach's position. I realize he's like a can of Frat Juice, from concentrate, but Zach is kind of growing on me.

America tells Eric to vote for...Dustin. Wait. He must have read that wrong. But then he holds it up, and indeed, America wants to keep watching Dick three hours a week, on purpose. Dick. DICK! DICK! AUUUUUGH! I'm not happy. For his part, Eric starts by saying he's been targeting Dick and hopes that America will fall in line with his strategy, but when it turns out to be Dustin, he's not all that surprised, probably because he's learned by now that America -- or, rather, the text-message-voting constituency of same -- is STUPID.

Augh. So Eric and Jessica convene in the HoH bed to discuss the vote. He starts making his anti-Dustin case, per America's instructions, but just as he's getting started, Jessica sits up in bed and takes off her shirt, revealing a tight camisole underneath. Eric stops what he's saying to tell her he thought she was going to be naked under there, fluttering that he knows they're comfortable with each other, but really!, and so forth. Jessica, bored, tells Eric, "These are boobs." "What are boobs?" cracks Eric, and Jessica points to her rack, just to dispel all confusion. Hee hee. Anyway, Eric tries to keep making his case, stealing furtive peeks at Jessica's funbags all the while, but he's sort of lost the plot, and finally she says she's tired: "Leave." And he does. So much for the great love affair America was trying to kindle. Fucking America's going to tell Eric to hook up with Amber next because AMERICA DOESN'T KNOW ITS ASS FROM THE HOOVER DAM, APPARENTLY.


God. Anyway. Outside, fucking Dick proposes to Eric that the two of them, plus their female appendages (Daniele and Jessica, respectively), hook up to try for final four. Dick proffers that he and Daniele won't nominate Eric or Jessica, nor vote against them, until the end. Eric considers this, saying that he won't do anything unless Jessica agrees, and Dick says it's the same for him and Daniele. But, he suggests, Eric should mull whether it's better to go after your biggest threat in the game, or ally with him. Given that this folds in well with what Eric's been told to do, it at least gives him ammunition to present a proposal to Jessica, rather than lying about his votes, which hasn't worked out for him thus far.

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