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A Handful Of Dustin

So Eric tells Jessica he thinks they should get rid of Dustin. He says he's been thinking that he's letting the game play him (ha!), and that getting Dustin out would be a big move on Eric's part. He talks vaguely about "ideas" that Dustin has in the game, and says that the rest of his and Jessica's alliance (Jameka and Amber) are "absolute garbage" as an alliance. He makes Dick's argument about allying with the big threat, and that there is honour among thieves, not that they're thieves. "We are after this week," replies Jessica astutely. But she was already leaning away from Dustin, so she's receptive to the notion -- but not so receptive that it seems as though, had Eric been instructed to get Dick out, she couldn't have been swayed that way instead, so it all comes back to how America fucked me this week. Like, on a personal level.

Julie throws to commercial with the reveal that CBS has overturned some rocks and found Joe among the vermin wriggling there. Yay.

Time to talk to the houseguests! Oh, this is always death. How have things changed between Dick and Daniele since the last time they were nominated? Dick says that, the last time, she was very insistent that he not veto her nomination if he won; she won it herself, so the question was moot. This time, he told her that it didn't matter what she said; he'd be vetoing her nomination whether she liked it or not! And then he holds, with a big grin, for America's applause and takes a moment to scoop up the roses thrown at his feet, all due to his overwhelming selflessness. Would Daniele have vetoed Dick's nomination if she had won? Daniele shrugs and giggles and tries to act cute as she says that, fortunately, she didn't have to find that out (though if Julie actually cared, she would point out that Daniele was in this position the last time both were nominated and she was the one to win the veto, and that she didn't choose to veto Dick's nomination, and therefore her cutie-pie routine is disingenuous and gross, as usual). Was Jen surprised that Dick gave her the slop pass, after all the anguish they've gone through in the house? She laughs that she was glad Dick was put on the spot to give it to her. Heh. They've all missed the halfway mark in the house. And does Amber miss her daughter? JESUS, JULIE. Amber babbles on and on and on about her kid, and how this absence is only temporary and she's sorry she'll be missing her first day of school and blah blah blah sobcakes. But the best part is that Julie invites her to talk to her daughter, and Amber picks one camera to speak into, but the editors totally don't cut to that feed, so she's looking just offscreen the whole time she's yammering on. I am seriously so sick of Amber. Pull yourself together!

Hey, remember Joe, the little fuckwad bitch? Have you missed seeing him on the show? No? Well, tough shit; he's back to give his thoughts on Dustin's nomination and his performance generally since Joe's eviction. The clips package begins with Dustin and Amber in the bathroom, talking about Joe's obsession with the show. They agree that he probably watches the feeds, and Dustin says that he's pissed. Joe interviews that it's interesting to watch his downward spiral on the show. He says it's like their relationship: Dustin seems "beautiful" and "well put together," but that after a while, you see that he's selfish. And, I mean, it's Big Brother, okay? It's arguably the most venal reality show on TV. Selfishness is the entire point. It doesn't matter if you show the clips of Dustin in that one veto competition when he took the trip and the cash; Joe would have done it too, regardless of what he says, as would any of the other contestants if they weren't thinking that taking short-term small rewards might ruin their chances at winning the long-term big cash prize. Like, it's not as though Dustin chose to take a trip and some money instead of funding a children's hospital in Guatemala. He gambled that he should get while the getting was good because winning the one big prize was a long way off and there were like a dozen people between him and it -- and given the outcome of tonight's episode, I'll bet he has no regrets about taking those prizes while he could; it's more than Kail got. ANYWAY. There's another bathroom conversation where Amber announces that Eric's gone this week and Dustin says she's being a psycho. Joe says that as the screws tighten in the house, Dustin will just lose it and start saying whatever he's thinking; as evidence, we see him imply that Zach is fat, and then yell some string of insults at Dick that includes "white trash," "washed-up," and "pig," which...I mean, just say "trash." The "white" part is irrelevant. And the rest of it is right on. Joe says that Dustin is shooting himself in the foot by being so arrogant. Joe. Who was voted out twelve episodes ago. In the HoH, Daniele and Jen talk about how manipulative Dustin is, and Zach tells Dick he thinks they "voted out the wrong gay guy." And, like, I'm not saying Dustin is invited to my next dinner party -- by definition, everyone on the show is awful; it's Big Brother -- but I just can't fault him for anything we saw in this segment. At all.

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