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A Handful Of Dustin

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A Handful Of Dustin

Julie throws to houseguest comments on the nominees. Amber wants Dick out; he's mean and scary. Daniele obviously wants to keep her daaaaaaaaaaad in the house -- not because she loves him or because she's enjoying the opportunity to work on their relationship, but because he's her biggest ally; she also thinks Dustin is a huge phony. Zach thinks the way Dick behaves toward other players and their character flaws is "unsanitary" (guh?), but that it's a shame he's up against Dustin, who also needs to go. Jen regards these two choices are "win-win." Eric says he wanted to take down Dick, but after getting his "directive from America," he's "going after Dustin in a big way." Jameka hates Dick and wants him gone, hilariously saying she wants to see "the back of his head and that BB bag" on his way out the door. "That BB bag" is what I'm calling Dick from now on. And what's he a bag of? I think we all know. (Testicles.)

HoH chat. Speaking of bags, Jessica's hair looks like a saggy trash bag precariously sliding off her head. There's some blah about Dustin's alleged secret alliance with Dick and Daniele, and how that upset her right before the Veto Ceremony. She trusts Eric and Jameka the most in the LNC. She has a great time with Eric "every day," and maybe they'll hook up outside the house, but now she's focused on the game.

We are reminded that tonight's evicted houseguest will be the first member of the jury. Now, plead for your fellow houseguests' love! Cocky Dustin is looking forward to more fun in the next six weeks. Dick did what he had to do, so the voters should do what they need to do, and he only regrets that Carol's not here to give him a big wet kiss on the way out. Everyone seems to think this is hilarious.

Votes! Amber, a short ruffly terry-cloth skirt? Still? She votes to evict Dick. Necklace waggle.

Eric is happy with America's choice of evictee, and they turned the house upside down.

A totally catatonic Jameka votes to evict Dick.

Daniele votes to evict Dustin, obviously, which means we're tied going into commercials.

And then when we come back, it all goes to hell. Zach votes to evict Dustin.

And Jen votes to evict Dustin.

And I am PISSED.

Julie announces that, in a vote of 4-2, Dustin is evicted. Dustin is about as shocked as I've seen an evictee be on this show. I mean, I bet he didn't even pack. If he thought there was a good chance he'd be meeting Julie tonight, he certainly wouldn't have worn that shirt. Dustin is utterly gobsmacked, and can barely bring himself to hug. Amber? Cries. Dick manages to keep a lid on his gloating as Dustin makes his way toward the door, and once he's gone, there's a kind of hush over everyone. Jameka stalks into the bathroom, presumably to barf, and as the houseguests prepare to go out for the HoH competition, Daniele gets Zach to tie Nick's fucking bandanna around her wrist. Speaking of barf.

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