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A Handful Of Dustin

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A Handful Of Dustin

Chenderdome. Julie confirms that Dustin is shocked to be where he is. But he exactly diagnoses how the votes shook out. Does he regret volunteering to be the pawn? Yes and no -- everything happens for a reason, it is what it is, he'll be on the jury. Julie throws a quote back in his face about not feeling that his nomination was a risk, and he admits that he fucked up there. What about Amber's screaming fit at Eric last week? Dustin says she's very emotional, but that he wishes she hadn't had it out with him in front of everyone. What's Joe thinking? He's ecstatic, but at least Dustin made it further than Joe did. Goodbyes: Dick gloats about pulling off a huge coup. Jameka doesn't know how this happened, but it must mean there are shady people in their alliance. "Hi Dustin, it's Jen." He can see you. Jen and her cold sore tell Dustin "tanning's been fun" and that she'll see him soon. Eric had a good time with Dustin in the house, and appreciated the way Dustin took care of him last week, when Eric was nominated. Because we're up to jurors now, Eric doesn't reveal that he's America's Player, and covers that he expects to see Dustin in the sequester house soon, because something's gone awry with their alliance; Dustin doesn't buy it one bit. Daniele says it's been nice getting to know him. Zach says Dustin's been a good friend, but that Dustin's too arrogant. Jessica hopes they can hang out in real life. And Amber fucking melts; I mean, she talks about her love for Dustin and what a great person he is so volubly that you would swear she'd just spent six weeks locked on a TV soundstage with the love child of Nelson Mandela and Bono. GET A GRIP.

Okay, HoH. So this week, they did one of those things where a bunch of crazy shit happened in the house, and the houseguests all tried to remember random details so that later they'd be able to regurgitate whether the crescent moon on the wizard's hat was pointing east or west and how many freckles were on the mermaid's elbow. You know. We see clips of all the queerness in the house this week -- a little person dressed as the Mad Hatter, throwing out Ben Franklin maxims; a barbershop quartet and a pirate on stilts out on the lawn; rabbits in a cage on the table; one of those freaky-ass living statues. Jessica's sitting out because she's the outgoing HoH, and Jameka's sitting out because of the earlier Veto Competition where she agreed to skip the next five HoHes, of which this is #2.

First question: everyone gets it right except Jen, who seems to have had an equipment failure of some kind.

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