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A Handful Of Dustin

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A Handful Of Dustin

Second question: Dick and Zach get it wrong, Dick shrugging like it was a bullshit question. Oh, and he has a cigarette tucked behind his ear, because you don't have to stop being a total bad-ass just because you're sixty.

Third question: Eric gets it wrong, leaving just Amber and Daniele. Oh, this isn't good -- you know Amber's the type to choke under pressure.

Fourth (and, it turns out final) question: fucking Daniele gets it right. Oh, this week is going to be just unbearable. No one makes any effort to congratulate Daniele except Dick, of course, and Jameka, who gives her a grudging hug.

Final filler time. Daniele is fucking BUSTING, she's so happy; the only person happier is Dick McGloats. Julie makes the mistake of asking Amber how it's going to be for her in the house without her best friend Dustin, and Amber? Cries. In fact, her babbling, insane answer goes on so long and embarrassingly that Julie finally just straight-up interrupts to shut her up. Awesome. Please, America. Redeem yourself. NOMINATE AMBER.

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