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Elissa goes right to Judd to propose backdooring Amanda. Judd's all over it and Elissa sends him to fetch her Aaryn. When Aaryn nervously arrives in the HoH room, Elissa's all excited about her idea that she and Aaryn can work together to boot Amanda. Aaryn agrees, and promises to keep it quiet. She also agrees to fight hard for the Veto (as if she wouldn't have), and asks for orders on who to pick if she gets Houseguest's Choice (Judd, says Elissa). In the DR, Aaryn seems to be sincere about this plan, saying she's in this game to win. Well, aligning with an unlikeable dingbat who just nominated you for eviction should certainly help accomplish that.

Time for the Veto player selection, which everyone's pretty excited about given that it's one of the four or five things that actually happens in any given week. As nominees Aaryn and McCrae join HoH Elissa at the front of the room to draw names, Aaryn DRs about the one flaw in her plan, which is that if Amanda gets picked to play and wins, she'll save McCrae and the whole plan is down the shitter. Of course Amanda has yet to win a competition, but there's a first time for everything. And Elissa draws Amanda's name right off the bat. McCrae draws GinaMarie, which is bad for him because she'll try to save Aaryn. Who draws Houseguest's Choice and picks Judd, exactly as Elissa instructed. Which immediately sets off alarm bells in Amanda's head, because if nothing's up with her, she would have picked Andy. So, way to tip your hand at the first possible opportunity, Aaryn!

As the meeting breaks up, Amanda immediately asks Aaryn why she picked Judd. Aaryn says that neither of the other two choices -- Andy or Spencer -- would save her. Amanda doesn't think Judd will either. Aaryn DRs that it was a pretty risky move. Just figured that out, did you? She follows McCrae and Amanda to the shower, arguing that she has to look out for herself. After that, GinaMarie tells Aaryn that she's been saying all along that Amanda only cares about herself, and "fuck that bitch." Aaryn now bitterly regrets making enemies like this while she's nominated, but GinaMarie assures her that it's all good. Soon they both run into Elissa, who assures them that Amanda's only looking out for herself and will be going home. You know, as long as one specific thing doesn't happen to prevent it.

Later, GinaMarie quietly tells Elissa that she's on her side, but that Amanda is like a female Jeremy. After her shower, Amanda walks through the kitchen, causing them both to fall conspicuously silent. Amanda proceeds to another room where all four of the guys still in the house are hanging out, and reports to them that Elissa and GinaMarie are totally in cahoots. Which, of course, they are. So Amanda, with her usual finesse, charges in and says they're both talking game and being shady. They're all laughing about it, but the claws are out as Amanda loudly accuses GinaMarie of talking shit about Elissa last week (which she was). This quickly turns into a shouting match, in which GinaMarie will always have the advantage. McCrae comes and leads Amanda out of the room by the arm while Elissa tries to pull the plug on GinaMarie's hollering. McCrae all but physically prevents Amanda from going back in there and continuing the fight, DRing that she's going to make them both look bad. Amanda decides to go have a talk with Elissa, promising McCrae that she's not going to fight. But as soon as Amanda and Elissa are up in the HoH room together, Amanda rants angrily about GinaMarie to Elissa. And then she moves on to the question of whether Elissa still holds Helen's exit against her and is planning to backdoor her. Elissa claims to have never thought of it, which doesn't exactly put Amanda's mind at ease. And Elissa's sudden fit of the giggles at the thought of Amanda getting backdoored doesn't either. So then Amanda has another tearful breakdown about how she's no longer in control. She claims to have always had Elissa's back, but all Elissa will commit to is that she has to think. Which is the most terrifying thing possible.

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