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Happy Zingday!

Zingbot's in the house! He comes barging in in the middle of the night, visible in the dark only by the red light on his head and the odd night-vision camera angle. He wakes everyone up and orders them to gather in the kitchen. McCrae's the first one to get roasted, as Zingbot says that he always wears shorts because Amanda wears the pants. McCrae's less bothered by the burn than GinaMarie's over-the-top reaction. GinaMarie gets it next, as the Zingbot compares her love story with Nick to Fatal Attraction. No surprise there. Andy gets called a ghost for his pale skin and tendency to float, the latter accusation pissing Andy off. The Zingbot also tells Aaryn he disagrees with those who accuse her of having acted mean and nasty at the beginning of the game. "That wasn't acting! Zing!" He also advises Amanda to visit McCrae in Minnesota by mailing herself with her "giant tramp stamp." And he calls out Elissa for trying to imitate him, saying she's a better cheap imitation of Rachel. No argument there. What, nothing on Judd or Spencer?

They all head out to the back yard, which is decorated like a robot birthday party. Baby Zingbot, who is now a year old, comes stumping out with its own baby zings. For the actual game, there's an unnecessary concept according to which they're supposedly generating power, but the real object is to roll a ball to the top of a covered, two-sided ramp, than run to the other side and catch it, and repeat for as many times in a row as possible. If their ball falls, the count goes back to zero, but the first one to score 250 wins PoV. In other words, we've seen this game before.

The competition begins and they start rolling balls. Everyone is motivated to win for their own reasons, as usual. Judd takes the lead early on, but you know his floppy arms are going to betray him at some point. However, Aaryn is the first one to drop her ball, then McCrae, then GinaMarie, then Elissa, which brings all of their scores back to zero. In fact, this happens to McCrae several times. But Amanda -- whose main strategy appears to have been to avoid dropping the ball -- is eventually in the lead with 101 points, with Judd only ten points behind. Amanda holds onto her lead, while the heat incapacitates Judd to the point that he drops his ball, losing all 164 of the points he accumulated. He ends up sitting on the ground retching. Nice houseguest's choice, Aaryn. And Elissa.

As the competition continues, GinaMarie is closing in on Amanda, with 210 and 218 points respectively. Elissa drops her ball and her 138 points disappear. Amanda thinks she's in good shape until she checks the scoreboard and sees that GinaMarie might win this, which is Amanda's worst-case scenario. GinaMarie narrows the gap, but she's unable to close it -- and Amanda wins her first competition of the summer, scoring the PoV and knocking Elissa's half-baked plan right out the window. Now Amanda gets to save McCrae and is out of danger herself for the week. With the competition over, Andy DRs about how this is the least safe he's felt all summer, and Elissa says it's her worst case scenario. Yeah, when you come at Amanda, you best not miss.

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