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Happy Zingday!

Back in the house, Amanda and McCrae both congratulate Amanda on winning a physical competition. Andy joins them and they speculate on whether Elissa will nominate GinaMarie now, but he's actually worried about being nominated himself. Elissa said she would last week, after all.

Upstairs, Judd and Elissa are soaking in their defeat, and Elissa gets all weepy, saying that everyone who goes against Amanda goes home and now she's next. Well, not the very next. And doesn't she still have plausible deniability? She could just nominate Spencer and nobody would be the wiser. Elissa makes some personal comments about Amanda and Andy, and Aaryn joins them, asking what Elissa's going to do. Elissa doesn't know yet, but in the DR she says she's determined to make a replacement nomination guaranteed to mess up Amanda and McCrae.

When Elissa comes downstairs, she's all fake smiles about how that was so much fun and everyone was trying to help Amanda. Who doesn't believe it for a second, having seen everyone's near-suicidal efforts to win and their reactions when they didn't. Amanda starts going off on Elissa, saying she's got nobody and wasted her HoH. She keeps going, comparing Zingbot to Elissa: "They're both made of plastic. Zing!" Where the hell is McCrae now?

Later, Amanda and Andy are talking about the replacement nomination. Amanda promises Andy that he's not leaving, "but I want Poopy to stay too." "Poopy" being Aaryn? I bet she loves that. They figure the only way to pull this off is to engineer GinaMarie's nomination, which Amanda suggests accomplishing by volunteering to torment Elissa and then have Andy be the one to console her. That doesn't really seem like a solid long-term plan to me. But Amanda throws herself into the part, pacing around in the living room and blowing on a noisemaker from the party, yelling up for Elissa to come down. "We all want to see Elissa and her plumped-up, collagen-injected lips, her botox-intense forehead, her fake-ass extension hair!" Judd's buying the entire act, saying in the DR that Amanda's proving she's a disgusting, vile person. Everyone figures Amanda's just self-destructing as she hammers on Elissa's door. I'd say Amanda's making a big sacrifice, making herself look like this much of an asshole just to save Andy, but that doesn't bother her under normal circumstances so why should it now?

Amanda comes out to the back yard and says she's done. That's Andy's cue to head up and act all concerned about Elissa's feelings. He lays it on a little thick, saying he's embarrassed to have been allied with Amanda. "At least I've got one friend," he fishes, and then glances around all shifty. I think Amanda played her role better. Probably because she actually believed hers.

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