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Amanda calls the Veto meeting and before getting to it, she zings Elissa, saying she should know better than anyone that "no one comes between me and my man." Show's over, Amanda; skip the curtain call. She vetoes McCrae as expected, and calls Elissa up to make her replacement nomination. Elissa says the Rachel's probably very "insulted and disappointed" that Amanda used her line, but her replacement nominee is Andy. Going back to the front of the room, Amanda tells Elissa, "Sit down, trash," and adjourns the meeting.

In the DR, Elissa says she isn't getting mad, she's getting even. She knows that Aaryn and Andy have both been working with Amanda, so this means Amanda is going to lose one of her allies either way. Amanda DRs that 3AM is done, but there will still be a 2AM. Andy says he needs Amanda and McCrae's loyalty this week, but after that he's done with that alliance entirely: "I'm not playing this game for third place and it's time to get rid of them." Aaryn says it's either her or Andy, and it's going to be him, "because I'm not walking out that door after all I've done." Jeez. Aaryn, how many racist comments have you been keeping to yourself, anyway?

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