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I don't need to tell you guys how awesome M. Giant is -- you read the recaps. You know what's up. Previously, while I was busy not watching: Amber and Carol got nominated, Danielle declined to veto either of them, Jen revealed herself to be too stupid to live, and apparently God has a habit of meddling in Amber's life in weird-ass ways.

Hey there, Julie Chen. "Good evening" to you as well. And your giant hair. Julie catches us up on what we may have missed so far, vis-à-vis the enemies twist, the nominees, et cetera. After Tuesday's uneventful veto meeting, we see Carol and Amber diary room about what they think their chances are. Carol seems to be sticking by her strategy of appearing nonchalant while secretly appealing to her closest allies to rally her some support. It's not an un-risky approach, but it does makes her seem less threatening. Amber, however, has at least Dick and Dustin in her corner, and she "currently" (God knows when that clip was taken from) she thinks she has the votes to stay. Carol's working on the house, though, even going to far as to "apologize" to Jessica for being mean to her in junior high or whatever. Not that Jessica is in any way interested in keeping Carol around. Carol's biggest allies seem to be Joe (who is falling back into old patterns by trying to bust up any and all friendships Dustin has, and he's got one with Amber) and Zach (who thinks keeping Carol will be keeping his "lapdog" around).

Julie's first round of Houseguest Chat sees her probe into the paired enemies. Jessica once again barely suppresses a giggle fit at the thought of Carol getting voted out, while Carol once again barely remembers which one Jessica is. Dick and Daniele both feel awkward, still. Joe and Dustin are both bitchy to each other, still. And Joe still can't speak without sounding like he's in his grade-school production of Annie. The guy lives his life like he's a bad actor playing himself, it's awful. Before the commercial, we see Joe, Dustin, Nick, Jen, and Jameka contemplate their votes, but no one's vote is revealed, which generally adds up to "sweep."

The "Better Know A Houseguest" segment this week focuses on Dick, who, as Julie tells us, was a "single father" raising Daniele and his son, Vincent, who he takes to strip clubs. According to Vincent, the Dick/Daniele estrangement goes back to her borrowing money, not being able to pay it back, and Dick handling the situation poorly. Dick's mom tells us that Dick wasn't really ready to be a father at 22 and other such things we probably already figured out about him. Vincent, unsurprisingly, just wants the family back together. Interestingly, both Daniele and Dick are shown confiding to Nick about how things are going. I had no idea Nick's "Flirt and Destroy" strategy included Dick. Even with all the bi-curious rumors surrounding Nick, that would be pushing it.

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