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A question about Jameka or Amber helping an old lady cross the street is split down the middle, so Dustin, Eric, Jen, and Joe head for the tiebreaker question. Come on, Dustin or Eric! How many gallons of water does the giant spinning teacup hold. Oh my God, I am so incredibly terrible at questions like this. My initial guess is somewhere around 500. Of course, like everyone else, I don't take into account that there's a giant hole in the side of it so people can get on and off, so it's something of a trick question. Which is fortunate for Jen, because her answer of 41 -- which was by far the dumbest when you consider they were all clearly answering as if you could fill the entire teacup -- is the closest to the actual capacity of nine gallons. So dumbass fucking Jen is the new HoH. Which on the one hand is interesting because who the hell knows who she'll go after? But on the other hand, she'll probably just end up going along with the plan of whoever the dominant voices in the house are, which I'm guessing will be the Mike/Zach/Nick troika. And they already had an HoH like that this week. Sigh. Seven days and it's already boring.

Even though Eric didn't win HoH, America still gets to vote for who they want Eric to "target" for elimination. Not sure what that ultimately obligates Eric to do, but I suppose we'll see on Tuesday.

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