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Contracting E.D.

The downside of all this flirty-flirty behavior, however, is that it's really getting to Daniele, who is breaking down in the hammock with her father. The gist seems to be that she is struggling with being apart from her boyfriend, and she's feeling more and more tempted by Nick (because...well, look at him) and she "doesn't want to hurt anyone," like, how's that entire bottle of whiskey taste, Daniele's boyfriend? Dick, because he is incredibly self-involved, DRs that he's happy for the opportunity for Daniele to confide in him, though he at least has the class to admit that that's kind of fucked up, to be happy that your daughter's flipping out.

This week's slop-hating segment: seeing Jameka struggle with the slop, after saying in the first week that she didn't think she'd mind it because she loves oatmeal, gives me some kind of indication that, yes, fine, it's probably really gross. Still doesn't make me think that all the PB&J-haters were a bunch of whiners. Dick -- who can eat real food -- makes a joke about eating a hamburger in front of starving kids in Africa, and Jameka shortly replies that there are starving kids in Asia and America too. Dick, again utterly self-involved, doesn't like the implication that what he said was racist, so he takes Jameka aside later on and wants to know what's up. Jameka explains that as the only person of color in the house, she feels an inordinate pressure not only to represent herself, but to represent all black people, and that pressure is wearing on her. As you can imagine it would. It's bizarre, because you get the feeling that this is true for quite a few people on quite a few reality shows, but it hardly ever gets talked about on the shows. Weird that it takes Big Brother to acknowledge it front and center. Anyway, Dick manages to finally get beyond how this isn't at all about him and whether or not he's racist, and he ultimately expresses sympathy for Jameka's position. And, not that I'm glad that the pressure is getting to her or anything, but at least we're seeing more of her this week. I really do think I like her.

Food competition. It's called "Mission: In-Pasta-Bowl," which is such a deliciously awful pun that it becomes awesome. The houseguests must wade through swimming pools of canned spaghetti decorated with dodgeballs painted to look like meatballs. The meatballs have names of food on them, and they must find two balls with the same food on them to win that food. As Eric explains it, "If I found 'liver,' my partner would have to find liver as well, and then we'd deliver it to the scoring station and we'd have liver for the week." Eric sadly misses a golden opportunity to tell us that you can't spell "deliver to the scoring station" without "liver." So...they get some food. Not much to explain beyond that. Oh, and they go for "sweetbreads" because, as Jessica explains, sweetbreads are "donuts, cornbread, any kind of bread that tastes good, that's not like normal bread." No, it's not like normal bread. That I'll give her. It's not until the end of the competition that the HGs are informed that they'll be stocked up on cow pancreas for the week. Hee. Jen and Kail team up to get cucumber, which is...well, Jameka takes this one for me: "What are we supposed to do with cucumbers for a week, pickle 'em?" Of course, when it's all done, there's the contractually-obligated food fight, as there must be. Eric explains the shenanigans and then starts to say, "It was pasta-tively...nah, that's even too cheesy for me." He's so shticky, but I'm glad he's at least self-aware about it.

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