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Contracting E.D.

Speaking of AmERICa's Player, his mission this week is to get Jen nominated for eviction. Eric notes how this will be the easiest money he's made since...well, last week, when he was instructed to get Joe out of the house. And, once again, America proves that we really shouldn't be in charge of who stays and who goes on this show, because what good is a TV show without the ditzy, unpredictable, sociopathic narcissist? So we cut to Eric (with Jessica and Jameka) in the yard, selling Dick on the concept of putting up Kail and Jen. I say "selling" because we're led to believe Dick is considering putting up Kail and Zach. Eric's reasoning is decently strong here: 1) If Zach is nominated with Kail, he'll go and she'll stay; 2) Kail and Jen are the only two who openly campaigned against him, so he won't be ruffling any feathers anew; and 3) Keep It Simple, Stupid. Dick thanks Eric for being such a big help to him, strategy-wise. Eric literally looks like a puppy who just got rubbed on his belly. Did Big Brother pick the right obedient lapdog or what?

Oh, goody, now it's time for Dustin Teaches Kail About The Gay. Kail helpfully reminds us that she comes from a small town and doesn't know any gay people, so you'll forgive her if she doesn't approve of the homosexual lifestyle. In the yard, Kail asks Dustin whether Robin (of "Batman and..." fame) and Barney (the giant purple dinosaur) are gay. Dustin's like, "I think that might just be a rumor? Also, they're fictional characters?" I love him sometimes, I really do. Kail asks Dustin about "gaydar" and says she'd have "never guessed" he was gay. HA! Hee hee hee. Oh, that Dustin. So butch, with the flailing limbs and the shirts unbuttoned to his navel. Though I guess when lined up next to Joe.... But for real, though, Kail says she has a hard time recognizing a gay person unless they're wearing "their full makeup. Then it's a giveaway." Jesus fucking Christ. Anyway, Kail DRs that even after meeting and (seemingly) befriending Dustin, her views haven't changed. But Dustin is one of the good ones, I guess, because he makes her forget, for long stretches of time, how he's totally going to hell. Dustin DRs that he hopes he can open some doors for Kail, and look, I appreciate the concept of losing your prejudices through personal interactions, but come on. Kail owns a television. Kail has a brain. Kail already has enough information to make an informed opinion about gay people. She's just made the wrong one. I think the best you can hope for with Kail is exactly what she just said: make her like you enough that she forgets how she disapproves of who you are at your very core. Which he's done, so: congrats, Dustin!

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