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Contracting E.D.

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Contracting E.D.

Dick interrogates Zach about the now-defunct Mrs. Robinson alliance. Zach essentially tells him that he'll do whatever Nick says, which is a load and a half, but it's not clear whether Dicks buys it or not. Zach DRs that Dick tried to put him on edge, but "I'm used to [punches the air in front of him] battlin' people like that." Well, sure, in his career as a graphic designer, I'm sure Zach is no stranger to the fisticuffs, whether real or metaphorical. Dick then grills Nick, who also comes clean about the alliance. My thought would be that since Nick told this to Daniele last week, Dick should have a bit more faith in Nick than in Zach or Mike. But Dick brings up the not-unreasonable point that getting rid of Nick means he can get rid of the source of Daniele's internal struggles, not to mention a guy who could possibly fuck her over in the long run. Nick assures Dick that his intentions are pure, though, again, I kind of hope they aren't. I'm not pulling for a Mike Boogie-style In The Company Of Men takedown, but I do like to think that Nick's more playfully flirting than actually, you know, falling in love. Then again, my suspicion is that, while Dick probably is interested in protecting his daughter, he really just likes to have an excuse to get all dramatic and vaguely-threatening towards someone, and now he gets to act that way towards Nick.

Nominations. The keys, one by one, come out of the box, until we're left with only Jessica and Jameka as nominees. No, wait, that's not it. Dick nominates Kail and Jen, just like we all knew he obviously would back on Thursday. Dick says that his nominations are about "breaking up big alliances" and also "lies," "deception," "scheming," and "a plan to upset the balance in the house." Oh for Christ's sake, they were an alliance, dude. They weren't the Bolsheviks. Dick's absolutely right to go after them, but to act like the very existence of that group was an affront to the harmony of the house, or whatever.... "You have an alliance that I'm not part of. Breaking you up is to my benefit." That's all that needs to be said, but as ever on this show, it's So! Much! More! Important! Than! That! It should not be a surprise to anyone that Jen DRs that she doesn't really feel a whole lot of anything now that she's up on the block. She scares me so, so much, you guys. Anyway, Kail and Jen. Hopefully Kail goes home.

America's Choice this week asks Eric to create discord in the house by stealing something that belongs to one of the houseguests. Oh, Big Brother. Stealing ideas from Flavor of Love: Charm School? Bootz is so gonna kick your ass.

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