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Dom if You Do, Dom if You Don't

In a pearl-colored power suit that somehow lost its sleeves, Julie tells us that tonight, "Double trouble is done and no one is safe." So the duos are over? Try to look surprised.

After the credits and the previouslies, Julie reminds us that after Daniele and Dominic's secret alliance to break up the veterans came to light this week, "All loyalties are in question and all deals are off." Flashback to the Veto meeting, with Brendon declining to use the PoV on Day 24, and Dominic Diary-Rooms that he's not surprised, and he's counting on his "deal" to keep him safe. He needs to learn to count. Adam's even more confident in his safety, while Jeff says he's happy because he still wants Dominic out of the house and away from Daniele. And Daniele tells us that Brendon and Rachel will regret not backdooring Jeff and Jordan. Sure they will. I'm not aware of those two ever regretting anything.

After the Veto, Daniele comes to see Brendon and Rachel in the HoH room to say that "if Dominic goes home, I'm gonna be pissed." She argues that she's being screwed, as she's the only member of their alliance without a partner. Brendon points out that she's trying to break up their alliance, and Daniele acts all righteously indignant at being accused of exactly what she's been doing, because she doesn't know they know. Because of how great Rachel and Brendon are at keeping secrets.

Jordan and Kalia discuss how Jeff and Jordan may have just dodged a bullet. Kalia claims not to have known anything about it, but the editors cut right to a clip of Kalia discussing that very thing with Daniele three days previous. Back in the present, Kalia assures Jordan that she would have told her if she knew anything about it. Jordan says they're just being careful in this atmosphere of mistrust and lies.

Jeff takes Dominic aside to try to get him to admit that he targeted Jeff and Jordan. Dominic plays dumb, but Jeff is insistent on finding out whose idea it was to backdoor him. Dominic denies everything, and Jeff walks away frustrated. Dominic's kind of pissed at Daniele for putting him in this position, because he doesn't know it was actually Shelly who squealed on them. Shelly who Dominic confided in. Shelly is totally becoming the secret third rail in this game.

Later, in the kitchen, Jeff and Jordan (who was listening in on Jeff and Dominic's conversation) talk about Kalia's sketchy behavior from earlier. Jeff and Brendon decide it's time for a house meeting. "Then we go to war," Jeff vows.

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