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Now that Dominic sees himself as more or less doomed, he... goes back to Brendon and Rachel and Jeff to make a case for how useful he can be. Give it up, dude. Jeff tells Dominic that he was initially cool with keeping him, but after the backdooring came up, not so much. Jeff is still leaning on Dominic to roll over on his co-conspirator, going so far as comparing him to an accessory to murder. Dominic protests that he can't control "her" (still not naming names), and thought Jeff hated him. Jeff wonders how that could be, and when Dominic reminds Jeff he was giving him dirty looks all week, Jeff is all, "Yeah, yeah, I did do that." Heh. Dominic asks if there's nothing he can do. Rachel likes Dominic (because Adam is a total floater, and Rachel hates that kind of people that she doesn't know the definition of), but the talk ends without anything resolved other than Jeff reminding Dominic, "It's not over 'til they say your name." Which they'll be saying shortly.

Kalia decides it's time to check in with the veterans to make sure she's still in the loop with them, but she maybe could have been a little more diplomatic about it. Instead, she ambushes Brendon to guilt him about how she's feeling left out. Brendon goes off on her, calling her a liar who's been playing both sides, and a floater, which is the worst thing he can ever think of to call anyone. Kalia correctly calls him a terrible listener. Brendon keeps talking over her until she gets up saying, "Keep playing the game you're playing. It really worked the first time." Whoa, who let the Zingbot back in? While she's walking away, Brendon makes a crack about doing her dishes, and she turns on him, daring him to keep at it. Well, that went well. Before going inside, she also yells something about spies, and tells everyone else they're being used. After closing the door to the yard, she sarcastically repeats Brendon's words to Jeff, Dominic, and Daniele before storming into a bedroom to seethe.

Jordan repeats the call for a house meeting, and soon everyone's in a very tense kitchen. Jeff and Brendon call Kalia out for being in on the backdooring plan, and she makes an angry but articulate protest about being caught in the middle. Jeff gets that (as well as Dominic's similar situation), and suggests that she and Dominic yell at "someone else" instead of them. Kalia protests, "She's my friend." "And your friend will sell you out under the bus quicker than she can blink an eye. Your friend will stab you in the back and send you out that door and not even vote for you... or shed a tear." Yep, there's Rachel's mouth again. Daniele's sitting right there, you know. Daniele begins her rebuttal by calling Rachel an idiot, which of course Brendon can't allow even if it's true. He also calls Daniele out for letting other people taking the fall for her. Daniele reminds Brendon and Rachel that they were also open to backdooring Jeff and Jordan, which looks like news to the latter two. But nothing comes of that revelation; Jeff is still mostly mad at Daniele, for turning on him after he bucked them all up after Dick's departure. In the DR, Jeff says it's now crucial for him to get rid of Daniele. Daniele vows in the DR to win tomorrow's HoH competition. And Lawon tells everyone in the kitchen that he's playing to win, so "Y'all beter watch out." Terrifying! Look our for Lawon, y'all! He will totally spout nonsensical phrases in the DR while leaning forward for EMPHASIS!

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