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Time for the group Chenterview via the living room viewscreen. Julie asks Kalia how things are now after all the drama. "I think everyone in here is a grown-up," Kalia says, making me realize that everything that comes after that is probably nonsense as well. Brendon agrees with her that things get tense, but there are no hard feelings. Julie turns to Jeff, who claims he plays differently than you're supposed to, without lying and backstabbing. Rather pointes, there. As far as the house meeting, he thought it best to clear the air and get everything out in the open. Julie asks Daniele if she's surprised it's gotten so confrontational this quickly. Daniele says she isn't, and adds that it's nothing personal. I supposed anything's better than playing another season with Dick.

Julie says it's time to start voting, as soon as the nominees plead their case. Adam talks about getting to know everyone and liking them, and tells everyone to do what they have to do, telling Dominic that one of them has to go. Dominic says more or less the same thing, but then adds that some of them are "spineless jellyfish that are really riding on people's backs and you don't have a chance of winning if you're gonna play like that." Hello, Dominic, Jordan is sitting right there. Then he congratulates everyone else, and tells them all, "We all suck at this game," and pretty much says there isn't a game being played at all right now. Nice how the people who know they're going anyway sometimes tell the truth in these things, isn't it?"

Jeff votes first to evict Dominic, adding, "Terrible speech." Jordan's vote is the same, and Kalia fights back tears as she evicts Dominic. Daniele makes a big deal of voting to evict Adam, "Because I'm not afraid to go against the king and the queen." Just do it without bragging about it, then. That's probably the only vote Adam's going to get, so we go to ads on a 3-1 vote.

Brendon and Shelly vote to evict Dominic, so that's already enough for him to go. Lawon, the only remaining Regulator, also votes out Dominic, as does Porsche, proudly calling herself a "jellyfish" while she's at it. As long as we're going with the marine biology theme, I'd say she's more like a remora attached to Rachel.

Julie gets back on the viewscreen to say that Dominic has been evicted by a vote of 7-1. He and Adam hip-bump, and then he hugs everyone on his way out -- even the jellyfish. Porsche brags about her voting speech while Dominic's still there, like she couldn't wait the five seconds until he left. He exits the house to a very enthusiastic greeting from the studio audience. Meanwhile, in the house, Rachel remarks on the lack of any talk about a Golden Key. Adam doesn't seem to have one, does he?

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