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Out in the studio, Julie asks Dominic who the jellyfish he was referring to are, and Dominic says he was referring to the "non-veterans." Julie asks what he was trying to do, and he says he was trying to motivate people and get them on Daniele's side. Julie asks about his feelings for Daniele, seeing how he didn't go out of his way to defend her. Dominic says he didn't want to take the rap, which isn't what Julie really wanted to know -- were his feelings for her real? He says they were. Julie brings up how he threw the Veto competition, and after dissing all the other newbies for going towards the veterans' alliance, he explains he did it so he could join the veterans' alliance. Julie asks if he overplayed, and he admits he did at the beginning. When Julie asks why he targeted Jeff, he says it was because Jordan wouldn't come after him like Brendon and Rachel would have. And his pets and family. He's not wrong about Brendon and Rachel, but has he forgotten about that time Jordan assaulted Russell with her boobs?

Shelly's farewell message is first, saying he got duped by Daniele. She doesn't mention how she tattled on him to the veterans. Daniele says she feels terrible that he's going home because of her. Lawon, the last Regulator in the game, calls them "boys for life," comparing himself to a pimple that Dominic won't be able to get rid of. Lovely. Jeff and Jordan do their farewell message together, and Jordan mocks Rachel, saying, "Nobody comes in between me and my man!" Which cracks up Jeff, Dominic, and herself. Dominic tells Julie he has no regrets, and he gets to stay while Julie gives the houseguest a little bit of news. He even acts like he doesn't already know what it's going to be.

Julie calls everyone back into the living room via the viewscreen, and to the surprise of no one, she tells the remaining ten players that the Golden Key holders are back in the game, and everyone is playing solo from here on out. After signing off but before sending us to the ads, Julie tells us they're about to decide "the most important HoH of the summer." Oh, Julie, they're all important, in their own special way.

Looks like another balance/endurance challenge. Rachel, as outgoing HoH, is sitting this one out, but everyone else is balanced on skis that are sticking out of a wall painted to look like a snowy mountain. Actually, they're just on small platforms with cheesy prop skis sticking out in front of them. It's simple: last person up there wins HoH. The only added wrinkle is that the first five people to fall off have to pick one of the fake snowballs on the nearby tree stump and open it to find either a punishment or reward. All Julie's saying about that is that one of them contains $10,000.

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