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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

We cut right to Spencer's attempt and his strategy differs from Andy's in that he collects all the crabs first and then starts climbing. That's a smarter plan, but the problem with it is that Spencer can. Not. Climb. At. All. But then, after pausing to think about the folks back home, he finds the strength and somehow the technique to get up that wall and finish. And unlike Andy, he gets it right the first time. But is that enough to make up for the fact that he climbs approximately as quickly as ivy?

Afterwards, all three remaining houseguests are outside for the reveal of their times. GinaMarie reveals Andy's time, which is 21 minutes and 54 seconds. And Spencer's time turns out to be 36:11, so it's not even close. It's going to be Andy vs. GinaMarie in part three, and Spencer is going to be at the mercy of one of them. All he can do is hope that they'll realize he'd be easier to beat in a jury vote than each other.

In the kitchen, though, Andy assures GinaMarie that if he wins part three, he plans to take GinaMarie to the final two. Whether that's true or not, he DRs that he's trying to get GinaMarie to take him in case she wins. He tells GinaMarie that the jury is more likely to vote for Spencer over her than Andy over her, given all the backstabbing Andy did. In the DR, GinaMarie is already torn about a decision she doesn't even have to make yet, saying that she'd probably go with Andy, but doesn't think she could beat him. She thinks Andy deserves it more than Spencer does, but is also thinking about the difference for herself between the $50,000 second prize and the $500,000 grand prize. In the abstract, I mean. I don't think she knows what the literal difference is.

Julie introduces a segment that starts with the seven jurors before McCrae showed up just sitting around on the patio until Dr. Will trots up, grinning and glad-handing like a game show host. He sits down and reminds them that he's not only a former winner, but a former juror and invites them to guess who their eighth member is going to be. There's some wishful thinking around the panel, but the only wish that comes true is Elissa's, when McCrae shows up. He hugs Amanda and sits down next to her (scootch over, Judd and Aaryn), updating everyone on how Andy won HoH and PoV, and then confessed to him about the Exterminators and the votes to evict Amanda. He apologizes to Elissa, saying, "Little did I know." "Sucks, doesn't it?" Jessie chirps helpfully. Will asks everyone if hanging out in the jury house together has fixed their relationships. There are no "relationships" among these people, Dr. Will, and are you even a real doctor?

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