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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

Amanda passive-aggressively says she's not mad at anyone, including Elissa for being passive-aggressive. Candice talks about how the end of the game doesn't make you forget the things people said. Amanda accuses Candice of not liking her for wanting to evict Howard for game reasons, which Candice denies. "I don't like you and that's it." Well, at least Amanda can't accuse her of being passive-aggressive. She claims to have become great friends with Aaryn, and Will asks if Aaryn helps her make her bed now. So clearly he only asked if the relationships were fixed because he wanted to break them again. Will moves on, and asks if GinaMarie made the biggest move of the summer. The general consensus is that she did, by evicting Amanda. But of course Amanda disagrees, saying that GinaMarie didn't even play the game until she joined the Exterminators. Well, as we've seen, there was a lot of early peaking by other players this season. Clearly the most effective strategy was to hang back, wait for the big guns to take each other out and then scamper in to loot the battlefield. Aaryn says she wants to vote for GinaMarie for the reason that she was the only one Amanda wasn't able to manipulate. Candice brings up some of the personal things GinaMarie said. Like how her parents didn't want her, maybe? As the father of an adopted child, that one still pisses me off too.

Will brings up Andy, asking them what Andy's potential game-winning move might have been. After a long silence, Judd lamely says that not being a floater any more is probably it. Elissa mentions how Andy framed her for Amanda's eviction vote, and Jessie brings up his backstabbing, which doesn't bother Aaryn and Candice. And as Candice points out, Andy never made it personal and McCrae adds that Andy is less blunt than GinaMarie. Will reminds McCrae who he's sitting next to, saying Amanda's quite blunt, but of course that's why McCrae knew he would outlast her. Wow, that was pretty blunt of McCrae.

On to Spencer. Will polls to the jury to see how many lost an eviction vote against him, which turns out to be six out of the eight of them. Aaryn says that Spencer was kept around because everyone knew they could beat him, so he's got very little blood on his hands. Will says he kept his own hands clean and McCrae and Judd give Spencer credit for being such a durable pawn. Helen also points out that he survived the loss of Howard and the rest of the Moving Company. McCrae says that Spencer probably had the most uphill battle of anyone in the house. Which is true and it's also true that those people almost always come in third.

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