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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

So then Will moves onto the big question, which is whether they're voting for who they like or who kicked their asses. Will advises them to vote for their own reasons and consider their jury questions carefully. Actually, he says, "I implore you," though I liked it better when I thought he was saying, "I abhor you." Because I'm down with that too.

For the final HoH round, GinaMarie and Andy are positioned on the trays of a huge balance scale, as opposed to inside the living room as per usual. But it's still the same guessing game for the final round, in which Julie will read them the beginning of a statement allegedly made by each jury member and then make them guess which of the two options was the ending of that statement. They get a point for each "right" answer, and the one who has the most points at the end wins and probably evicts Spencer. The first question is whether Candice said the most shocking moment in the house was when Aaryn flipped her mattress or when she "took someone to Candyland." They both go with A because B is stupid, and they each get a point.

Then they have to guess what Jessie considered the most irritating thing in the house: Helen bailing on their plan to evict Amanda or when she fell off the wall and failed to get back into the house? They both guess B and both get it wrong, so it's still a tie. Third question: was Helen's most uncomfortable moment watching Judd beg to stay or listening to Jeremy yell about the wine? This is the first one they're split on, and Andy is the one who gets it right, giving him a one-point lead. Then they're asked whether Aaryn would rather have a date with Judd or David, and they both guess Judd and get it right. Or else they've correctly guessed that Aaryn's on a desperate PR damage control crusade to prove she's not the shallow asshole everyone thinks she is. As for Amanda, is she afraid to have her friends and family see none of her moments in the house or all of them? She says "Every single one," which was Andy's guess, so he gains another point. The question about Elissa is whether she was more shocked by Amanda, "because being a bully is never acceptable," or Aaryn, "because everything about her is cute and adorable except her personality." The first answer certainly sounds more like Elissa, but GinaMarie guesses Aaryn -- and gets it right, narrowing Andy's lead to 4-3.

Then Julie asks which Judd regrets more -- not working with Helen or quitting the Super-Veto competition. They both guess B and both get it wrong, so the score stands at 4-3. Then the last question is about McCrae and whether he thought the best thing about being in the house was being with Amanda or free food. They both get it right by guessing B, and Andy wins it. He steps on the scale and wanders around the yard while Spencer goes over alone to wait for GinaMarie to be lowered to ground level. Because what does Andy care now?

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