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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

Now that it's almost all over but the jury vote and a whole lot of yammering, the final three are seated in the living room. GinaMarie and Spencer occupy the nominee chairs, awaiting Andy's decision. He stands up and tells Spencer his word has been good all along, but he gave his word to GinaMarie on night one, so he has to evict Spencer. Spencer hugs them both and walks out empty-handed, because it's not like there's going to be anything stopping him from going back in for his stuff after tonight's show. Inside the house, Andy and GinaMarie are already mentally spending their at least-$50,000 dollars, though she remarks, "And now we gotta hear from the peanut gallery?" before we're back in the studio for Spencer's exit Chenterview. And that's why she isn't going to win.

Spencer isn't entirely surprised to have been thrown over by Andy in favor of GinaMarie, though his insights are someone detracted from when they're interrupted by audio of GinaMarie telling Andy inside the house that she has to pee. He claims to Julie that he kind of saw it coming, having read some of Andy's tells the past few days and Julie gives him props for surviving a record number of nominations. He's just glad to have been able to be part of his favorite show. We'll see if he still feels that way when he tries to go back to work on Monday.

After the ads, Julie brings out the first eight jurors one by one: Candice, Jessie, Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, Judd and McCrae. Two observations: the women look great… and great T-shirt, pizza boy. But he's still dressed more nicely than Spencer is, when he joins them. Julie gets started with the jury questions to the final two with as little ado as possible, and the first question is from Amanda. She accuses GinaMarie of not making any big game moves before she joined the Exterminators, and asks what her biggest move was other than booting Amanda. GinaMarie utters a politician's laugh and then babbles that Amanda's eviction was her big move, claiming that she'd decided on that before joining the Exterminators. Not a good answer, that. Elissa asks Andy more or less the same question, and Andy says that aligning with Amanda and McCrae was his biggest move and he showed his loyalty by tattling to Amanda every time someone tried to get him to flip on her. Until, you know, he did it himself. He also mentions convincing Elissa to nominate Nick in week two. So his two answers are objectively better than GinaMarie's zero.

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