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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

Helen asks GinaMarie her biggest obstacle in the game. It's like she wants her to bring up Nick again and cost herself some votes. And that's exactly what GinaMarie says, probably playing right into Helen's hands. McCrae's question is about how Andy said he'd be a bitter juror if someone backstabbed him, and why they should vote for him after he backstabbed everyone. Andy claims to feel awful about it and admits he said it to cover his ass because he didn't want to get backstabbed himself. He claims that he was in on everything every week other than week four (Kaitlin), because he played strategically. Candice asks GinaMarie why they should give her the money after she personally offended so many on the jury, including her "cockroaches" rant. GinaMarie says her behavior was brought on by shock over Nick's exit, as though that was the only time GinaMarie was ever offensive. She goes on to spout some pageant-speak about how the money would change her life and she tries to be the best she can be and always have a smile on your face. Yeah, I don't know.

Jessie asks Andy why he lied to so many jurors unnecessarily, knowing he'd need five of their votes to win. Andy cops to being a coward who didn't want anyone mad at them and apologizes for it, especially to Jessie because of how great he thinks she is now that she's potentially one of those five. Plus, he made it part of his strategy to prevent people from talking about him, and keeping people in the dark about his plans to vote them out was necessary for that. Spencer gets to go last, and his extemporaneous question is to Andy: "You just cost me a whole lot of money, bro. Why should I give you half-a-million dollars?" Andy says it's because he's played such a strong game, and he kept GinaMarie to demonstrate that he can be loyal to someone after all… even if it's just GinaMarie. I'd have to say that for the question round, Andy kicked GinaMarie's ass. "Wow, did they think of those questions all on their own?" she asks on the way to ads. Still winning hearts and minds, that one.

During the break, the jurors have all been issued the little leather key pouches they'll use to cast their votes. But first it's time for the finalists to make their closing arguments. GinaMarie goes first and starts by complimenting everyone on their looks. She says she is who she is and kept her promises and her loyalties. Basically her argument is that she's GinaMarie and apologizes for anything she said to offend anyone, which she blames on being Italian, thus offending any Italians. Then she basically offers them all a bribe and trails off until Julie puts a merciful end to it. Andy's speech is about how he played with his heart and his mind, making personal connections while avoiding becoming a target and sticking with the most powerful alliances in the house. He thinks he deserves to win, and whether or not you agree or whether or not there was a juror who hadn't made up his or her mind before walking out on this stage tonight, he certainly has made the better case.

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