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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

Voting begins. Candice is the first to be called up to the podium, and says she's "proud to cast this vote for someone whom I love and respect." So that's one for Andy. Jessie says she's voting for the person who played the most consistent game, which probably means another one. Helen politics that she loves them both, but is voting on the game she wishes she could have played. Aaryn says, "This person's always been there for me, and I have to be there for that person." So there's one for GinaMarie. Amanda says she's voting for the best person and the best player, which she's already made clear is Andy in her opinion. Elissa votes for the "flawless social game" and the person who made deals with everyone in the house, so way to telegraph that you're voting for Andy. Judd just says, "Let the best Exterminator win," which is much less of a giveaway. So is McCrae's remark that he hopes the winner will be buying drinks tonight. Spencer votes for the best player and says it was an honor to be able to play with him. Or her.

After the ads, the five houseguests who were evicted before making it to jury -- David, Nick, Howard, Kaitlin, and Jeremy -- are sitting across the stage from the jurors. Before asking them about what they've thought while watching the season at home (those who did so, that is), Julie turns to Amanda, who she knows has been itching to know who the MVP was. Amanda has long since guessed that it was America, which is right, so that's no fun. Actually, Julie says it was Elissa the first three weeks and then America, who nominated her both times. "Thank you, America," Amanda snarks. She says she didn't think she was as unpopular with the viewers as she was, until she came out after her eviction and heard all the boos. So now Julie asks for Howard's reaction to what he saw, and he says something about how seriously people took all the racial and personal crap, much of which he wasn't aware of until he was out of the house. As always, he sticks to the high road, saying he hopes that the people who said those kinds of things will learn and grow from the experience. Julie informs the jurors that some of those comments "made national headlines," and singles out Spencer for his reaction. Spencer says it's terrible and he hates it if anything like that went on, because of the bad publicity for the show. In the ensuing, deafening silence, he asks, "Did I say anything, Julie?" She just tells him they don't have time, rather than reminding him of his comments regarding child pornography and his elaborately rendered fantasies of violence against female houseguests. Jeremy remarks on how Helen played the mom card and her crying strategy, like anyone cares what Jeremy thinks any more. Helen admits to having made herself cry once or twice, but never with Jeremy. So that was about it for that.

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