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Up in the HoH, Chima is telling Jessie that she's hoping for a 6-0 vote to evict Russell. Yeah, good luck with that. She does voice a threat that if Jeff has the power and uses it, Chima plans to make him regret it. Good luck with that, too.

Viewscreen interview. With everyone gathered in the living room, Julie reminds them of the mystery power and asks who's nervous. Everyone but Kevin and the Nominees raise their hands, including Jeff. Keeping up the pretense to the end. Unless of course he got wind of Chima's threat, and is accordingly intimidated. When Julie asks about Kevin's failure to veto Lydia, they both claim that they're good, and they're over it. Well, that's disappointing. Julie congratulates them on reaching the halfway point, meaning that everyone still there will be either in the final two or in the jury house. I can't believe we're still going to have eight people in the house in mid-August. Julie asks Natalie what's the most surprising thing about the game. Natalie says the boredom, which Julie acts surprised about, like she sincerely thinks that the twenty minutes of ginned-up tension and arguing we see each week is enough to keep the other 167.67 hours of the week interesting. Julie asks Jeff a similar question, and Jeff's main accomplishment is not saying the word "mindfuck." Julie thanks him for his restraint, like even she has forgotten this isn't live.

Now we meet Chima's people at home, including her grandma, who tells us that the correct pronunciation of her name is with a hard "ch" like in "cheese," but Chima prefers the pronunciation we're used to, with a soft "ch" as in "chut up, Chima." We get to see a few clips of Chima acting like a big girly diva in the house, and also meet Chima's best friend Kimberly. Grandma watches one of the recent arguments between Chima and Russell, saying these kinds of fights "get you nowhere" and Chima needs to listen more. Both she and her grandmother seem rather disapproving of her behavior, which is awesome. You never get to see that. Even Kimberly thinks Chima needs to dial it back a bit. These segments are usually a waste of time, but I'm kind of in love with Chima's grandparents.

For the private HoH Chenterview, Julie doesn't waste time telling her that her grandparents think she sucks. She goes right into asking her what went wrong with her relationship with Russell. Chima says she found out about what Russell was saying to people about her, so it was inevitable. She also says she doesn't regret anything she said to him. Julie asks Chima how the mystery power has affected her strategy, and she basically says there's not anything she could do about it anyway. Which is true. Suck it, Chima! Love, Big Brother.

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