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Jessie's Hurled

While Chima heads back down to the living room, Julie reminds us once again about the Coup d'Etat. Then she gets the houseguests back on the viewscreen to remind them yet again that there's a mystery power, and invites the holder of the power to stand up now if he or she wants to use it. Jeff stands up, to varying degrees of shock. There are a few groans of "I knew it!" but Jordan is even more slack-jawed than usual. He told you that you were going to be fine, Jordan. Julie explains to everyone what the power means, with the whole thing where Jeff gets to replace one or both of the current nominees right before the vote. Lydia and Russell's faces are slowly lighting up as they listen. Jessie looks like he's already lost, which of course he has.

Julie goes through the motions. She starts by asking Jeff if he'd like to take Lydia off the block. He would, and he does, which is more than Kevin ever did for her. He then names Natalie as her replacement. Jeff also accepts the invitation to take Russell off the block, and puts Jessie in his place. Jessie gets up, taking off his outer shirt to reveal a t-shirt with a photo of himself and a boastful slogan. Yes, we're all impressed, two-time loser. When Julie invites Jeff to say a few words to his new nominees, he tells them they've been running the house, and now it's their turn to feel the pain. Julie flatly informs Natalie and Jessie that one of them is going home. That's the sound of one of the season's partnerships breaking. Julie tells Chima that she isn't voting as the outgoing HoH, and neither is Jeff, since he used the Coup d'Etat. Natalie is the first to be given a chance to speak. She says that she has nothing bad to say about Jessie, but she's been loyal and true. Jessie says this was his worst-case scenario, and tells Jeff this is his best move so far. He should just stop talking now, but instead he babbles on, pathetically hoping for a tie, until Julie cuts him off to tell him that with Jeff and Chima both forced to abstain, there are only five voters tonight. The fact that she's also stopping him from wasting everyone's time is just gravy.

Time for the votes. Lydia goes first, and seems choked up as she votes to evict Natalie. Oh, her sad little crush on Jessie just got sadder. Jordan votes to evict Jessie. Kevin votes the same way. So does Michele, so he's done. That leaves Russell, who votes to evict Natalie, for all the good it does Jessie. He lies to Julie that she looks beautiful and struts back to the living room as though he wasn't blinking like an olde-tyme movie camera less than an hour ago.

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