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Jessie's Hurled

Julie makes them wait through the ads before breaking the news that Jessie lost the vote 3-2.He hugs Natalie, Chima, and Lydia long and hard (they're probably the ones who will be packing his shit for him, after all), gives Kevin a stiff rebuff and Russell a soul hug, then stomps out, pausing only to sing something in falsetto and show off the t-shirt of himself some more. Inside, Lydia is crying, and Chima acts like she's on Dynasty or something. She thinks someone already knew about Jeff's power, and drawls that it "looks like me and the producers need to have a little bit of a talk." Jeff tries to justify himself, but Chima drowns him out by repeatedly saying, "It's okay, Lydia, it's okay Lydia, it's okay Lydia." Jeff gets the message. It's the Chimapocalypse!

Outside, Julie asks Jessie why he didn't suck up to Jeff more when he saw it coming. Jessie says it wouldn't have mattered, and maintains that it was Jeff's best possible move. Jessie acts like he's over it, pulling a muscle-pose as he reassures himself that he'll still be a "sports entertainer." Julie pulls the pose right back at him and sends him on his way to the jury house, without any farewell messages. Yeah, that would have given it away, I guess. [I kind of love that Jessie is aware of how much the viewing public hates him, and predicted that fans would have voted to give Jeff the power just to screw him over. -- AC]

And you know, I won't miss Jessie one whit (besides, they'll find a way to bring him back for BB12, I think we all know), but I find this oddly unsatisfying. I don't like it when Big Brother interferes with the game by throwing in wrinkles that other players have literally no defense against when it hurts the people I hate the least. So I can't be too thrilled when one of my least favorite players gets it in the nuts that way, too. I'd rather he had to suffer a straightforward eviction, within the standard rules of the game, if only so he doesn't get to go home thinking that he's too awesome to have lost if only events hadn't conspired against him. But he's gone, so I'll take it.

The HoH competition has a bus theme, for no reason at all. Two at a time, the houseguests will be going up against each other Family Feud-style to answer questions about previous competitions. Getting a question right keeps you in the game, whereas getting it wrong eliminates you. Kevin and Lydia were randomly drawn to play the first round. Kevin beats Lydia, then picks Jeff and Russell. Russell gets the question wrong, and Jeff puts Chima up against Natalie. Chima wins that one, and pits Jeff against Jordan. It's all about splitting up alliances here. Jeff beats Jordan, and picks Kevin and Chima to go against each other. Michele's like, don't mind me, I'm just the designated nonentity. Kevin beats Chima, leaving Michele and Jeff for the penultimate round, which Michele wins. That leaves her up against Kevin, and my mind is blown that one of them is going to get to be HoH. Never thought I'd see that day. It ends up being Michele. And the reign of what promises to be the most boring HoH reign ever gets launched with tepid hugs and a lot of awkward standing around. Whoo?

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