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Jessie's Hurled

Double eviction next week! Hot damn! That's just some of the end-of-episode housekeeping Julie takes care of before kicking us back into the house, including telling us about some kind of "mash-up" contest people get to participate in. I'd give you more details if I cared. As it is, I'm terrified that I'm going to have to end up recapping the winning entry.

And then we're back in the backyard, where they seem to still be standing around in a quiet circle, like it's a cocktail party where nobody knows anyone else. Or they're just waiting for the small woman to haul off and murder someone. Chima seems to be keeping it together, though -- at least for the next thirty seconds or so. "If you don't want me to cuss, let me back into the house," she says to the unseen producers. Natalie tries to cut the tension by thanking whoever voted for her to stay. Kevin wonders why Jessie spurned him at his exit. It's not clear if he's also trying to cut the tension, or just making it about him. I guess we'll have to wait until Sunday to not find out.

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