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Don't Come Back, Shane!

It's our first visit to the jury house of the season! I was wondering if we'd get around to that ever. Julie reminds us that Ashley was sent there three weeks ago. She spent a week alone with her thoughts, which must have made her feel very alone indeed. Actually, she's been meditating and blowing bubbles, imagining they're her fellow houseguests while watching them die spectacularly in midair. Very Zen. She's still using her dream board, and using it to pull for Frank to win HoH. She's hoping Dan will be the next to join her, but of course it's Britney. She tells Ashley about Frank's HoH win, but says Dan's going to win the game. Britney's probably right, as usual.

A week later, they're both expecting Frank, and are not disappointed. When he arrives, rocking both Mike's t-shirt of his kid and Mike's entrance line ("Daddy's home!") Ashley is both disappointed that he lost and looking forward to more making out with him. Frank updates them on Ian's HoH win, followed by Dan's win of the Veto and the promises that he had a unanimous vote to save him and ended up going out 3-1 instead, filled with bitterness and lies. Frank's regretting the three times he passed on the chance to boot Dan. "Including last week!" Britney reminds him, pointing significantly at herself. Britney and Ashley tweak him a little for believing Dan in the first place, and Frank's still bitter about it. So it may not be the best time for Britney to point out that Frank lied to her as well, and then Frank accuses her of the same thing, and it quickly escalates into a shouting match. Britney eventually finds common ground: they both got played by Dan. "It's like a club. It's called the jury house." "We're gonna have so much fun here!" Ashley bleats.

Later that night, they're drinking sangria in the kitchen when Joe walks in like the triumphant loser he is. He tells them about Dan's HoH win and initial nominations of Ian and Joe, and how Ian was replaced by Danielle when Ian won PoV. If nothing else, Joe's enjoying the most attention he's had all summer. Back in the living room, Britney remarks about the general lack of loyalty in the house, which this time Frank loudly takes exception to, claiming to have been unfailingly loyal to everyone he was being loyal to at any given time. Britney calls Frank on his hypocrisy and mocks Frank's utopian version of the game as "Suzy High-Horse." When does Britney start hosting that show? Frank still maintains that honesty and morality should count for something in the Big Brother house, and then somehow leaps from that to accusing her of thinking that if she cheated on her husband and didn't get caught it wouldn't be cheating. Even he seems to realize that was going a little far, since that comment basically cleared the room like an atomic fart.

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