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Don't Come Back, Shane!

The PoV, which looks like it was taped earlier today, is a memory puzzle in which players will have to put the faces of former houseguests next to clues describing them on a big diagram of a molecule. Unfair advantage for Ian, with his chemistry background? Nah, they have this competition every year, even if it doesn't involve molecules. First one to finish wins, as usual. They all go to their separately walled-off areas with their individual game boards, wish each other luck and exchange quacks, and start when the horn blows.

They rush to uncover their clues while we see them DRing about why and how much they want to win, as usual. It is the most important Veto of the season, as you may have heard. Most of the faces have more than one clue connected to them, but there's only one correct solution, which makes it a bit trickier than it sounds.

Ian is the first to get all his faces hung up, but when he goes to hit the buzzer (which is actually one of those dollar-store touch lights as usual), seven out of his seventeen are in the wrong spots. Not that he sees the highlighted right and wrong ones like we can. Dan, hearing Ian freak out on the other side of the wall, knows he has more time. Shane hits his button, but gets the same number wrong, though not the same ones as Ian. Who takes another crack, but gets it wrong again. He's down to only three incorrect, but he still has no way of knowing that. Danielle, meanwhile, seems to be in vapor-lock at the thought of Ian winning, but on Ian's third try, he's further off than he was last time. And when Danielle hits her button, she's only got two wrong, so it's almost like she's in the lead. Dan's first attempt is a hot mess, and at this point Ian seems reduced to trial and error while Dan is just moving faces from wrong spots to different wrong spots.

Finally Danielle wins it, as is telegraphed by the PoV music ending right before she hits her button. HoH and PoV wins? It's been a good 24 hours for Danielle, no? Don't worry, that'll be ending soon. "Dan, Shane, and I are going to the final three," she celebrates in the DR. Shane seems to agree with that, happily, as does Ian, unhappily. And Dan isn't ruling out the possibility of convincing Danielle to use the Veto on him. I'd tell him not to push his luck, but his luck never seems to push back so why the hell shouldn't he? And indeed, back in the studio, Julie agrees, "With Dan in the house, anything is possible."

After the ads, Julie welcomes us back by asking who's really in control. We're back in the house, watching Ian fidget in front of the memory wall and DRing that it looks like either he or Dan is going home. "And neither of those situations is good for me." One's probably a little better than the other, though, Ian.

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