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Don't Come Back, Shane!

Julie notices belatedly that Dan's already in position to make his one eviction vote, and Dan makes a long speech of his own, telling them he's been getting blood on his hands all summer, and now he's thinking of the jury house, where there are people who told him he had one shot to break up the biggest thing in the house. And with that, he evicts Shane. Danielle's mouth opens so wide you can see her entire brain as she gives Shane a shocked apology.

Shane gets up and leaves a completely stunned house behind. Dan asks the horrified Danielle for a private word while Ian paces around the living room panting, "Wha? Wha? Wha?" Once Dan and Danielle are locked in the arcade room, Danielle demands, "Why do you continuously lie to me?" Dan claims that he's her coach and says it's his job to get her through, and that this is the only way she could win, and he just locked in Shane's jury vote for her. He's talking fast to get himself out of trouble, which I hope his wife at home is finding very enlightening. We stay in the arcade room watching this confrontation for an unusually long time rather than getting to the exit Chenterview any time soon. Which, to be honest, I'm fine with. This is more interesting anyway.

When we finally cut to the studio, Julie remarks to Shane about his record-time exit. Shane is shocked, shocked at how Dan went back on his word, and doesn't even know what Dan whispered to him on his way out because he was doing his best to ignore him. Julie asks him why he agreed to be nominated in Dan's place. Shane claims he didn't really have a choice, and trusted Danielle. Who was trusting Dan, again, even though she should have known better. Shane explains to Julie that he just expects other people to be as honest as he claims to be, and concludes, "Dan's just a dirty player." After the highly fraught moments we just saw, Julie has to bring up the main thing on everyone's mind: his showmance with Danielle. Shane says he isn't ruling anything out, promising to "forgive her" for what just happened. Think Dan will officiate at their wedding?

No HoH contest tonight, so Julie plugs Sunday's show and Wednesday's finale (yay!), and then we eavesdrop on the final three. Which mainly consists of Ian still pacing the house like Shane died in his arms, while Dan continues trying to justify himself to Danielle in the arcade room, claiming it was all for her. For once, she doesn't seem to be buying his crap, and is even beginning to poke holes in his story. If she has any self-respect at all, she won't let him off the hook so quickly this time. I'm hoping for at least a half hour.

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