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It Takes a Lot of Balls

Later, Daniele and Shelly watch Adam suck up to Jeff and Jordan and discuss how to win him over. "This doofus Adam is the deciding vote!" Daniele whines in the DR.

There's a new game in the backyard. It's a long, squiggly table that's mounted on a flexible stand, so theoretically you can wiggle it in such a way that a ball will roll along its length. Adam figures it's connected to an upcoming competition (which we won't be seeing tonight, just so you know), so he decides to practice on it all night. Meanwhile. Shelly is going for a hail-Mary to save Daniele, by going to, of all people, Rachel. She tattles on Jeff for throwing the cornhole Veto game the week Brendon was evicted. And that gives Rachel quite a bit to think about. Shelly pretends like she was just making an idle observation. Iago of Louisiana.

Rachel takes it up with Daniele, who confirms it. That's all Rachel needs to hear to offer to cross over to Daniele and Porsche's side. "As much as I hate her guts, keeping Daniele might just be a better game move," Rachel DRs. Daniele drives it home by telling Rachel that if Kalia stays, Jeff and Jordan win. Daniele tells Rachel she has Porsche and Shelly. "You don't have Shelly," Rachel tells her, pretty confidently. She seems to agree to vote to keep her, only warning Daniele not to tell anyone, and they can blame Adam. That might actually be my favorite part of the plan. Adam lives in terror of pissing anyone off, so I love the idea of pinning a backstabbing on him. Of course it would never work because nobody would believe Adam did it.

Back to the studio, Julie informs us, "Just moments ago, the house exploded when Jeff learned that Shelly has flipped sides once again." Good thing we didn't see that live. Although it does explain why Jeff has been pouting this whole time. For now, all we get to do is listen in as Julie breaks the news via the living room viewscreen that it's a live double eviction episode, so two of them will be joining Brendon in the jury house tonight. First, though, Daniele and Kalia get to make their nominee speeches. Daniele's starts like an Oscar acceptance speech, but then when she says how much she loves the game, it "saddens" her that she's the only person in the house who feels that way. Rachel sneers as Daniele goes on about people who just want to go along and write Jeff and Jordan a check. So it looks like she didn't get the votes after all. Speaking of spoilers. After that, Julie asks for a short speech from Kalia, who doesn't even want to follow that at all. "I'm just gonna say vote for me!" she says.

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