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Later that evening, Judd is bouncing nominee ideas off of Spencer, Elissa, and Howard in the HoH room. He suggests GinaMarie, on the logic that she doesn't seem to want to be there as much as others. Elissa suggests Aaryn, and Judd agrees that she's pissed him off the most. Howard suggests Kaitlin, and Judd seems open to that too. Spencer brings up the question of the MVP, because he doesn't care who goes home as long as it's not Howard or himself. But the Moving Company is over anyway. They also tell him not to worry about the twist, because it's out of his hands anyway. His awkward, vaguely gesturing hands.

This week's Sunday-night filler is GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and Andy hanging out in the HoH room talking about dress colors, which is when we learn that GinaMarie can not only correctly identify the color auburn, she can't pronounce it. This cues a montage, narrated by teacher Andy and speech therapist Candice, in which we discover that there are any number of words GinaMarie is incapable of using correctly. As if the accent wasn't bad enough.

Howard and Candice are starting to develop a showmance, which seems to be more or less for real. They spend a lot of time in beds and hammocks together, at the very least. Candice tells Howard that penguins mate for life, using pebbles to signal their interest, and asks for a pebble. I think what Howard wants is five minutes of internet time so he can see if that's true.

Aaryn is making a pitch to Judd in the Have-Not room for why she should stay. Judd DRs that he might want to keep her for his own reasons -- because almost every houseguest who wants to boot the most hated person in the house changes his or her mind the minute they become HoH -- but he expresses his concern that the MVP might nominate her, even if he doesn't. The MVP had goddamn well better. Judd's gotten back to wanting GinaMarie out, and suggests Kaitlin as a pawn. Aaryn suggests Howard instead. "I kinda don't want this HoH," Judd sighs, saying it's a terrible time. In the DR, Aaryn agrees with him, saying that there's no way she wins a vote against GinaMarie and Kaitlin, and needs a bigger target to be up against. If even if such a creature exists, she's going to run out of them in a hurry.

Kaitlin and GinaMarie talk to each other about their absent showmances and how they'd like to be together in real life. Well, mainly GinaMarie. Aaryn comes in and expresses her fear that she's going to be nominated this week. Kaitlin says there's nothing they can do about it, and even if they talk to Judd he'll lie to their faces. I'm not seeing how they came to that conclusion, except as an excuse to not have to spend time with Judd. Sure, he's weird and off-putting and he has the voice of a character from Justified combined with the mannerisms of a character from Grand Theft Auto 3, but he was pretty honest with Aaryn just now. Aaryn thinks it's going to be all three of them, but they're not trying to hear it. Aaryn doesn't appreciate being dismissed like that, and GinaMarie tells her to calm down, and soon their tempers are flaring and they hate each other. As suddenly seems right and proper.

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