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The Biggest Gainer

McCrae looks on the verge of vomiting up a bellyful of anchovy and habanero, but despite his teammates telling him to keep it in, it comes right out. At least we can't see it, but boy do we hear it. Too bad he couldn't hold it until the weigh-in. Which, when it happens, shows that the orange team has gained eleven pounds, the blue team 13.2 pounds (much of it now visible over the waistband of GinaMarie's shorts), and the green team 12.9 pounds. And thus Spencer, Candice, Jessie, and Andy will be Have-Nots for the week. Nobody cares except those four.

Amanda takes Judd aside, telling him he needs to get rid of a strong player, namely Howard. Judd's worried about him and Spencer and Candice coming after him in revenge, but Amanda points out that Howard won't be here anymore, and Spencer and Candice aren't worth worrying about. "Everybody wants Howard out," she lies. Judd DRs that it's easy for Amanda to say, but she has a point. So he can't make up his mind, even if Amanda clearly has.

Howard tries to bond with Elissa by doing some yoga with her in the yard, thinking it's going to be easy but ending up sweaty and winded and completely out of his depth, while Elissa gets through it effortlessly while several other houseguests look on in amusement. Yep, yoga is hard. Howard's pretty embarrassed, but since most of his game has consisted of him pretending to be weak in competitions, this is the best thing that's happened to him all week.

Judd is awakened in his HoH bed by Elissa and Jessie. He's a little worried about the twist, and Elissa says it will be both a "game-changer" and "fun." She's probably half right. Judd is pretty well settled on nominating GinaMarie and Kaitlin, which Elissa calls, as nicely as she can, "a waste of an HoH." Judd deploys the common HoH argument in favor of keeping the least popular person in the house, to which Elissa would have the perfect counterargument, if only she would use it: "Look at what happened with my sister."

Amanda takes McCrae and Andy into a room to talk about how absolutely vital it is for Judd to nominate Howard, because she's convinced herself that everyone wants him gone. Or maybe, Amanda, it's just that nobody wants to argue with you and you've mistaken that for agreement. Andy warns her that Judd isn't going to do that. Judd himself joins them, and he's acting like he hasn't made up his mind, when in fact he probably is just tired of going around and around on this, especially with Amanda. Still, she's pushing him harder than ever, which Andy DRs that she needs to dial back. Judd whines, "It's really hard being HoH this week." Let's face it, Judd, it was going to be hard for you in any week.

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