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Later, Kail shows how much she sucks at this game by telling Mike that, of the two nominees, Carol is the one more likely to hold it against Kail if she stays. Mike suggests Danielle as an alternate, but Kail doesn't want to piss off Dick. So Mike suggests Joe in her place, but gets on board when Kail suggests Jen.

Amber prays to God to make her strong and help her win the power of veto, while the music guys buck her up with some inspirational music straight out of a Michael Bay film. Those people crack me up.

Kail calls everyone together to select the players for the Power of Veto competition. The HoH, the two nominees, and three randomly drawn players will compete for the opportunity to take one of the nominees off the block. "The only person I didn't want to be picked was Jen," Carol DRs, which makes me amazed that Jen doesn't get drawn. Kail draws "Houseguest's Choice," and picks Danielle in order to keep her "alliance" under wraps. Behold the puppetmaster. Amber picks Jameka, and Carol picks Nick. Nick DRs that he wants to win so that he can keep the same nominees. And then Kail selects a host to explain the game and call the action for those of s at home: Jessica, the only person in the house with a voice more grating than Kail's.

The non-players hang out in the HoH room, where Jen realizes she's the only girl in there. That's pretty much all she had to say. Thanks for that incisive observation.

Jessica explains this week's PoV competition, which is a kind of "hide and seek." In this case, each player takes a little red-and-black veto icon, and then they take turns each hiding theirs inside the house. Danielle goes first, and goes on about how competitive she is and how much she has to prove, whereupon she hides it in the slop bucket in he fridge. It will never be seen again. Carol hides hers in Dick's sheets, on the theory that nobody will want to touch them. Amber sticks hers in a pillowcase. Nick crams his under the mattress of one of the tiny beds. Kail hides hers under the teabags. And Jameka hides hers in her hair bag, with her extensions. She wants you all to know that the hair on her head is really hers, though.

Then they all have to go in the house, one at a time, to search for someone else's veto. Danielle goes first, and despite the fact that she sticks to the kitchen, where she hid hers, she goes right past Kail's veto hidden in the teabags. Meanwhile, Jen's driving everyone in the HoH room crazy, just by being Jenerally irritating.

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