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Carol finds Amber's veto in the pillowcase, so Amber's already lost. But she doesn't know that, so she still has to search, and finds nothing. We don't see which one Nick finds, but he tells us how "considerate" he was during the search. Kail, by contrast, ransacks the place, because her stuff is in the HoH room, so who cares? For someone whose entire strategy thus far has been trying not to piss everyone off, she seems to be having trouble sustaining it.

Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Dick is getting pissed off at Jen for her behavior during the butter challenge. And for being Jen.

Jameka finds the veto hidden in Dick's bed, and that's everyone having had a chance to search. But there are still two missing vetoes, so everyone gets to go back in again, one at a time. Kail goes even further than before, treating the house like the Who used to treat hotel rooms. This offends Jameka so much during her second search that she wastes some of her time putting her dirty clothes back in her bag. Danielle finds one of the two missing vetoes: "For some reason, [the box of teabags] was the only thing that still had something left in it." Nice move, Kail, trashing the entire house except for your hiding place. Anyway, five vetoes have been found. Game over.

Everyone else is horrified when they come out of the HoH room and see that the house looks like its been turned upside down and shaken vigorously. Not that there will be any repercussions of any kind, at least that we see tonight. They join the competitors in the yard. In order, the found vetoes belonged to Amber, Nick, Carol, Jameka, and of course -- as much as they try to suspense it up -- Kail. So Danielle has the first Power of Veto.

Dick DRs that he's proud of Danielle, and Amber immediately goes to work on her to put up Jen instead. Danielle is not any more a fan of Jen than anyone else is. Let's hope Amber remembers to thank God for making Jen such an asshole.

Eric, America's Player, goes into the DR to read his assignment for the week. Eric's pretty glad to hear that all he has to do is make up a traumatic story to tell to Kail. Because that's whom America "voted" to see him lie to. "This is going to be a cakewalk," he tells us. No argument here. Eric asks Kail to meet him up in the HoH room, and prepares himself by squirting some of every kind of contact lens solution he owns into his eyes before heading up. Kail doesn't just take the bait; she's ravenous for it, saying she knows something's been bothering Eric. "I could tell yesterday. You were quiet," she says perceptively. Eric's story is about a girlfriend of his in high school whom Danielle reminds him of, and who had an eating disorder. Kail figures that Erik has been deeply affected by seeing Danielle put on slop. Still, Eric can't stand how easy this is, so we're treated to a whole bravura weepy montage of him going on and on to Kail about his skinny girlfriend, blah blah blah, complete with a sad cello and everything. Poor dumb Kail tells us in the DR that "Eric is a very sensitive guy...He cares too much." Eric returns to the Diary Room and, over a little graphic of the words "TASK COMPLETED" next to a checked box, he says he looks forward to working with us in the future. Okay, except that wasn't work.

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