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And now we're back with Dustin and Joe, a storyline I had completely forgotten to miss. Dustin asks for Joe's respect. Joe says he's trying, but that Dustin is his "arch-nemesis" and all, and having him here kind of screws things up for him. Dustin says that he's in the same situation, and it's clear that Joe has literally never thought about that. He adds that this gives them a chance to work things out. He says something heartfelt about Joe's family, which Joe appreciates, and then DRs to us that it's to his advantage to keep things civil with Joe. Okay, back to the back burner with you two!

Out in the hammock, Joe, Nick, and Danielle talk about getting rid of Jen. "I should use the veto tomorrow," Danielle muses.

At the next day's veto ceremony, Danielle stands before the photo wall and appears to think in voice-over. She calls it a stressful decision. She says that if she vetoes Carol, it could be to her advantage to keep her around. Whereas Amber could be risky to keep around. Kail says she hopes Danielle doesn't change her nominations, and says she would have to "contain herself" if Danielle vetoes someone. Danielle calls the meeting, and gives each of the nominees a chance to defend herself. "I'm not ready to go home yet" is Carol's entire argument. Amber says that she's had "an amazing journey" and the "relationships with everybody." Danielle turns attention back to herself, saying she's happy to be the first veto winner. She says she's been thinking about how to shake up the house, and she's going to do that by...wait for it...not using the PoV.

Danielle DRs that she left the PoV in the box because it's too early to be shaking things up that don't need to be shaken up yet. Amber interviews that she's "by far the most determined and focused person in the house." She wants to walk out the door with her head held high and her family waiting for her. And the longer they have to wait, apparently, the better. Carol also claims she's a strong competitor and will not give up. Jessica tells the DR, "Bye Carol! See you at the high-school reunion in ten years."

And then the America's Player thing gets a little more interesting, because we get to pick who Eric votes on for elimination. Something that actually affects the game? It's almost like Season 1. We'll see who gets eliminated on Thursday. Or rather, you will, because your regular weecappers will return. I'm so glad to see you guys!

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