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Ashley asks Frank for an ice cream date later, right in front of Ian and everything. She DRs that this is her allegedly sneaky way to pick Frank's brain. "And I kinda want to go on a date with Frank, too," she DRs. Dan respects Ashley's move, and points out that she and Ian haven't been "out" since the slop date. "I was gonna make her dinner," Ian says lamely.

Up in the HoH room, there's no ice cream, so Ashley and Frank drink wine instead. And Frank's like, you know we can always make out on the couch. Ashley laughs and brings up Wil, and agrees with Frank's opinion that he tends to be volatile. Meanwhile, downstairs, Britney gets her Chen on with Ian: "Well, you're dumped. What do you feel right now?" Okay, that's it. Fire Julie and replace her with Britney. She's a more direct interviewer and can probably dress almost as crazy.

Upstairs, Frank has just invited Ashley to make out with him on the couch, because (according to his claim in the DR) it actually works for him most of the time, and that's exactly what they do. "I can't believe you just did that," Ashley giggles after a little romantic interlude, as she climbs off from on top of him. In the yard, Britney asks Ian if he thinks Ashley will make out with Frank. Ian admits that he'd be jealous; "I thought we were exclusive." The same thought appears to have occurred to Frank, who says he feels bad about Ian. Ashley seems to think Ian's only faking it, but Frank knows better. Indeed, Ian's fretting about it while playing badminton in the yard with the guys. And Ashley and Frank get back to the kissing. "I wanted to get closer, and we got closer, so it worked," Ashley DRs. Aw, poor Ian. And poor Ashley's mom. She loved Ian.

The next morning, Wil asks Shane and Britney and Danielle if they're still making up their mind. And then he floats the idea that there's one big group picking off himself, Joe, and Ashley. None of the others deny it, partly because they're all lolling about in a way that makes a tree sloth look hyperkinetic and partly because it's pretty much true. The problem, as Britney DRs, is that the "Quack Pack" alliance (Shane, Britney, Danielle, Dan, and Ian) does pretty much control this week's vote, but there hasn't been a chance for them all to get together privately and decide what to do. Joe talks to Ian, Shane, and Britney, offering his loyalty and reminding them that he does a lot of cooking.

From the studio, Julie asks us to Tweet our vote on whether we want to bribe the houseguests to quit tonight's HoH endurance competition with either $10,000 or a pass to not be a Have Not for the rest of the season. Yes, I'll get right on that.

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