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Look Back In Anger

After an ad break, Natalie asks when Jordan started liking Jeff. She says it was early on, and suddenly we're in Day 18, listening to Jeff and Jordan talking about what animal they would want to be (eagle and koala or pretty fish or squirrel or inside dog, respectively). Awesomely, after hearing Jordan's empty-headed musings, Jeff asks her, "What aspirations do you have for yourself?" Back in the present, Kevin brings up the unlikely couple of Jessie and Lydia, which is the wrong thing to say in front of Natalie. She points out that one person stalking another does not a couple make. Kevin admits that that relationship was a little more one-sided than Jeff and Jordan's. To prove it, we get to re-see Lydia sneaking into the HoH room to watch Jessie sleep on Day 23 and acting like a big creepy weirdo. Think she's still watching him sleep in the jury house?

Kevin brings the subject back to Jeff and Jordan, and when she says they were BFF, he asks, "With benefits?" Jordan's too discreet to answer, but Big Brother flashes us back to Day 36, when Russell instigated the dating conversation between Jordan and Jeff. You remember, that was when Jeff asked if she wanted to get married and they ended up engaged. It's just as sweetly dumb as before.

After the flashback, they've finished eating and have moved over to the memory wall so Natalie can talk about how Jeff's Coup d'Etat resulted in her worst week ever. Flashback to the night Jeff saved Lydia and Russell from nomination and nominated Natalie and Jessie in their place, resulting in Jessie's eviction. You've seen it already, so I'm not going over it again.

After a reminder of the clusterfuck America's Vote thingy, the final three have moved out to the backyard, and Kevin is trying to get Natalie to admit that the wake she and Chima and Lydia threw for Jessie was a little overboard. We get to see it again, and Kevin is wrong. It was totally overboard.

Then they go over to the garden, which is totally black and dead. This is simply an excuse to show a montage of Jeff playing the hot gardener, complete with porny music. After that, they've moved over to the porch sofa, where Kevin tries to fake Natalie into thinking a bug is near her, triggering a flashback of Natalie's dragonfly-initiated panic attack. Just as hilarious as before.

Kevin brings up the "Chima incident." Natalie defends her, saying people let things out in different ways. Kevin agrees, "She lets it out by throwing a $4,000 microphone into the Jacuzzi." Four thousand dollars? Seriously? And they still need subtitles that often? We get a replay of that whole situation, complete with Chima's ensuing unceremonious exit.

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