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After the ads, things have moved to the swimming-pool room. I've always wondered how they had decent acoustics in there at all, if that's real tile on the walls. Now that I know they use $4,000 microphones, the mystery is solved. Anyway, we learn that Michele had a tendency to moan and groan in her sleep, as we see in a series of somewhat disturbing and rather embarrassing (for Michele, that is) clips. Jordan brings things back to her and Jeff, because of all the time they spent hanging out in there and because we haven't given them enough attention this hour. Kevin dubs them "Jordeff." Hysterical.

Back to Day 57, where Jordan asked to be taken to Hawaii, and Jeff said semi-jokingly that if they went, they were "doing it." We see a joint Diary Room interview of the two of them, where they talk about their first impressions of each other, which turned out to be wrong. They talk about how much they like each other, and then we see them in the hammock together, she asking to go to bed because she's sleepy. "Are we going to fool around?" he asks. No, she says. "Then forget it," he says. See how romantic they are?

Things move into the red room, and recall Lydia's drunken meltdown, which we get to see again and which is as enlightening as the first time around.

Casting notice for next season. They sure have made it look enticing.

Ultimately, the final three are back in the living room, talking about how this game has brought out other sides of themselves, as shown by Jordan's going off on Russell the week of Russell's eviction. After that long clip, Jordan says she felt embarrassed about it afterwards. Ultimately, they agree that they're happy the three of them are left together, and have a group hug. In final DR interviews, Jordan says she deserves the win as opposed to others who played dirty. What, like the other two people in the final three who backstabbed her boyfriend? Natalie says that even though her fate is pretty much out of her hands, "I'm sorry, guys, but the half million dollars is mine." Only if she steals it. Kevin says being in the final three with the other two is nice and all, but, "I'm gonna cut a bitch to win Big Brother." [Classy! - Zach] Season finale on Tuesday. With two hours on the schedule, will it be even more padded than this was?

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