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Double Jeopardy

So here we are at the start of the nineteenth episode, with eleven people still in the house. But Julie promises to fix that tonight, as it's Double Eviction week. Always my favorite point in the season, much as the nitrous oxide is always my favorite part of a root canal.

After the credits, a completely reasonable-looking Julie adds that starting tonight, evictees will be going to the jury house. That's going to be a big jury, then. But first! We flash back to GinaMarie naming Spencer as the replacement nominee after Jessie Vetoed herself. Spencer's confident as long as he doesn't screw up, which means that he's way too confident. Candice Diary Rooms that people are starting to eye Amanda as a possible target, and Amanda decides that "it's time to play Nice Amanda." I bet she's really bad at that.

And then we see her trying to patch things up with Jessie, trying to downplay their fight from earlier in the week. The editors resoundingly do not have Amanda's back on that, showing a clip of her yelling at Jessie. Now, however, Amanda tries to tell Jessie that she wasn't part of Jessie's nomination. But even Jessie isn't dumb enough to buy this crap.

Then Amanda lounges with McCrae, Judd, and Andy to reconfirm their bond. We find out that they made a final four deal two weeks ago, which would have been good to know at the time. Judd advises Amanda not to have any more "emotional outbursts," but Amanda doesn't trust him anyway because she thinks he's MVP for no reason at all.

Elsewhere, Candice and her clownitard lie in bed talking to Elissa about how she doesn't understand how she's more of a threat than Spencer and Amanda. Which she isn't -- it's just that GinaMarie and Aaryn don't like her. There's more than one reason to lose this game, Candice. You can lose for being bad at it, being good at it, being liked by people, and not being liked by people. There have been maybe two or three people in history that actually knew what they were doing in this game. It is essentially a three-month-long experiment in chaos theory. Anyway, eventually Jessie takes Elissa's place in the conversation and agrees with Candice that people need to figure out that Amanda needs to go.

The next morning, Jessie finds Helen to try to convince her that it's time to take out Amanda, "the queen." That's actually a smart line from Jessie, because the only thing that would upset Helen more than telling her she's in charge would be telling her she's not. And it works; Helen decides to see if she can line up all her allies.

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