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Double Jeopardy

Meanwhile, Jessie starts with Judd, saying that if Candice goes home this week, Jessie will go home next week. She tells him that Helen, Elissa, and herself are in, and they need Judd. Of course Judd is torn, so he needs to check on some stuff. And give Jessie some awkward hugs and kisses, apparently.

Helen is the one who approaches Andy, saying that this may be the time to make their move on McCrae and Amanda before it's too late. Andy's stressed out about this, saying it's too early.

Later, Helen and Jessie lounge with Candice and talk about the need for Amanda to go. Helen wants Candice to make her own case against Amanda, and when Candice says Helen's the one with the juice to get things done, Helen denies being able to round up the votes. And soon enough, Helen is defending Amanda, saying she'll go when the house wants it. Which means Helen couldn't sell it. Of course, in the DR, Helen reveals her real reason for wanting to keep Amanda a while longer, which is that if a big target like Amanda goes home, the next target will be Helen herself.

Enough backstory. Julie gets on the viewscreen and tells them that there will be a jury of nine this season. Which of course means none of these people is going to see their families for another month and a half, but they all react like it's good news. So Julie delivers the bad (for them) news, which is that it's Double Eviction night. And she adds, "Just because you're on the jury doesn't necessarily mean you're out of the game." Thanks for saying nothing there, Julie.

Anyway, it's time for the nominee speeches. Candice is looking as glam as she can manage with her hair hanging down below her rainbow wig, talking about GinaMarie making it personal with "defamatory" comments during her nomination speech. GinaMarie keeps it classy, trying to talk over Candice's sanctioned speech, and soon it's a shouting match between them that Julie has to try to defuse.

Spencer is only too happy to shut this down by standing up and taking the floor, thanking the Union Pacific railroad and everyone inside the house "except for Andy." Amanda rattles off a bunch of names of peeps back home and does a shorter version of her speech from last week.

Voting begins, and McCrae is the first to enter the Diary Room. He votes to evict Candice, as does Aaryn. Helen also votes to evict Candice, meaning she wasn't able to rally the votes against Amanda. Jessie feels forced to vote out Candice, which means she'll be talking to Julie in her clown outfit shortly. Elissa is sad to evict Candice, but "everyone else did." Andy votes out Candice before Julie's even done asking him for his vote, and Judd makes it unanimous.

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