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Double Jeopardy

Julie gets on the viewscreen and tells the houseguests, like they don't already know. Candice takes off the rainbow wig and hugs everyone but GinaMarie, whom she tells to go back to her mom's house. "At least my mom likes me, not like yours," GinaMarie says. And that's the last thing Candice the adoptee hears in the Big Brother house. Lovely.

We hear Candice apologizing to Julie in the studio, but there's not a sound inside the house. Candice gets set up pretty quick, and Julie asks her why she went after GinaMarie when she was trying to get votes. Because that's a pointless charade every damn week, Julie? Indeed, Candice says she knew it was already a foregone conclusion, and she decided to use her time to get back at GinaMarie for the shit-talking.

Julie brings up the fight with Amanda and why it didn't end up costing her instead of Candice. Candice attributes that to Amanda's place in the tribe and her protection. Julie asks Candice how hard it was to ignore the racism in the house per Howard's advice, and Candice says it was "very difficult for sure." Julie tells her "goodbye for now, but there's still a lot of summer left." And enjoy your incarceration in the jury house.

The night's first HoH competition is quiz-show style, with the nine non-GinaMarie houseguests in the cubicles. It's going to be Big Brother trivia, with the answer to each question being "more" or "less." The first question is about the number of airplane seats in the Have-Not room. A couple of people change their answers while Julie is talking and she gets pretty pissy, but Elissa's the only one to officially get it wrong. Julie also snaps at everyone to "settle down" on the second question, about the number of popsicle colors in the first HoH competition. Andy and Jessie are out after that one.

Everyone gets the right answer about the number of black balls in the fireplace, but only Aaryn gets the fourth question right, so she's HoH for the third time this year. How does this keep happening?

After the ads, Aaryn's holed up with a bunch of people whispering about her next move. She's pretty stressed out, and she doesn't know what she wants to do. For some reason, she and Andy are all worried about Spencer going home. Since when do people care about Spencer? Julie summons everyone to the living room, does a quick headcount, and tells Aaryn to have a seat. Julie announces that the MVP twist is over, without saying anything about who it's been, ever. Besides, that twist was over the second time Elissa won it. Anyway, Aaryn nominates Jessie and Spencer by what she says is a "unanimous decision." I don't think it was unanimous on Jessie and Spencer's part.

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