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Double Jeopardy

Time for the Power of Veto competition. Judd, Andy, and Amanda have been randomly selected to play against Aaryn, Spencer, and Jessie. Each player has a workbench with a Veto symbol design on it, as well as a series of holes. They'll need to dig through their bin of large nails to find the one nail that fits each hole, and the first one to succeed wins PoV. If they signal they're done and it's wrong, they're eliminated. Julie tells them to go, and engages in some weak play-by-play (she mistakes Judd for McCrae… and McCrae isn't even participating) while the houseguests race to get their nails in the right spots. Aaryn ends up winning her second competition tonight, and given that she just made the nominations a few minutes ago, I doubt the Veto is going to be an issue unless something totally stupid happens.

We get to watch some live yammering in the house about what's going to happen next, which looks like it pretty much amounts to everyone saying goodbye to Jessie and then leaving her to sit alone on the couch. The ten remaining houseguests gather again in the living room, and Aaryn tells a shocked Jessie she's off the block. "And I have to put this person up because they have been playing me and thinking I would not realize that this is happening. Judd?"

Wait, what? And judging from the audible reaction of the audience, I'm not the only one who's confused. I assume Judd is confused as well, because he always is. Aaryn says she'll go home if she doesn't do this, so it's Spencer and Judd on the block. Which is especially tense, because Judd is wearing his grizzly bear shirt. Whatever will the rest of the houseguests do without it?

Before the second vote of the night, Spencer gives his second nominee speech, asking everyone to find room for him in their long-term game. Judd stands up and desperately tells everyone that he's loyal, saying that things that have been said that aren't true and asking people to change their votes. I don't have any more idea what happened here than he does, and possibly even less. Amanda, who was crying in the living room, is the first to be sent to the DR, and she votes to evict Judd. McCrae votes the same way, as does GinaMarie, tearfully. Andy is also very sad as he votes out Judd, so Judd is done. Helen acts sad, but sings out her vote to evict Judd, which makes me think this was all her idea. Elissa votes with everyone else, as does Jessie. Seriously, what the hell just happened here?

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