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We catch up with Renny in the jury house, playing cards with Libra and Michelle. "Being in the jury house SUCKS!" she says. "We're losers and that's why we're here." Michelle is at least looking forward to telling someone that she got to go on a big trip with Dan. In fact, I think that's the only thing she's got left to look forward to in hr whole live. Too bad those sails are already pre-deflated. All the evictees stand around the counter speculating about who's going to be showing up next. When Keesha walks in, Renny gives her a big hug while Michelle and April stand there glaring, and April interviews that she's glad Keesha isn't winning the money. I do like how the editors always linger on April's face for just a second too long after she finishes saying something about Keesha, just waiting for the inevitable bitchface. And April never disappoints in that regard, does she? Back in the kitchen, Keesha rails against Memphis, and Michelle pathetically breaks in, "Well, I know a lot." Keesha chirps that she heard about Michelle's trip from Dan, who hasn't told anyone else. ["Love, love, love how crestfallen Michelle looked. Highlight of the night!" -- Angel] Even Michelle has to admit in an interview that Dan's playing this like a mofo. Looks like he might have gotten the Rhode Island vote after all.

Time for the highlights DVD. They react to Dan's non-nomination of Keesha by calling it a "total setup." And after they watch Memphis's eviction of Keesha, April assures us that she'll vote for Jerry if he makes it to the final two, because "I don't like that cockiness." Duly noted. Renny post-mortems that she told Keesha so, and after rewatching Dan's farewell to her, Keesha has to say that Dan is a great player.

For the final HoH round, Dan and Memphis are sitting on opposite sides of a partition in the living room while Julie explains the final round: they'll have to correctly guess how jury members completed certain statements. And of course, those "statements" will be captured on video so we can see how completely coached and inorganic they all are. The first question is about Libra, and what she would change if she could go back in time: her alliance, or her behavior in the house? Dan guesses the former and gets it right, which Memphis doesn't. The second question is who April thinks "coasted under the radar." Memphis guesses himself over Jerry, and gets the point. The third is a gimme from Michelle, about whether backdooring her was a better strategic move than her own HoH victory. So they both get it right, knowing it's All About Michelle. The question about Ollie is whether he considers his fatal error trusting Dan or "letting [his] heart get into the game." Well, that wasn't the only part of him that got into it, from what I heard. They both guess the former and get it wrong. The question about Renny is what she considers the most irritating moment, and whether it was Jessie disrespecting her or Jerry brushing his dentures in the sink. Funny, that second one never made it to air. Still, it's the choppers, and Dan gets the point and the lead. Finally is Keesha's assessment of the most uncomfortable moment in the house and whether it was her 30th birthday or the night before she was evicted. Dan gets it right, because he's the one who doesn't give Keesha credit for having a longer memory than a goldfish. So that's Dan's third HoH win of the season, and Julie tells us that he'll be making the final eviction after the commercial break.

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