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Late Retirement

When we come back, Jerry and Dan are sitting in the nominee seats in the living room while Dan sits to one side. Over the monitor, Julie lets Jerry go first in his own defense. Jerry congratulates Dan and then says he's played hard and hasn't broken his word since Brian in the first week. Yeah, Jerry, that's someone Dan wants next to him when he's facing the jury. Idiot. Memphis reminds Dan that Dan nominated him twice, and now it's time to find out if Dan is a "true Renegade." The live audience titters. Julie reminds Dan that he's got $50,000 locked up, and Dan stands to congratulate Jerry on his run and send him packing.

No sooner is the door closed behind him than Dan and Memphis leap into each other's arms. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure Dan was going to come through. They tie their red Renegade bandannas around their wrists.

Julie asks Jerry why he thinks Dan evicted him after yelling at Memphis, and Jerry speculates that they might have even planned to do that all along. Gosh, why would he think that? "Well, because they did it," he explains. He thinks Dan made a mistake in not taking Jerry, since it means Jerry is going to be the swing vote. Julie asks if Jerry will pick the best payer or settle a score. Jerry says he was going after both of them -- in other words, he doesn't know.

Julie cues up the farewell messages. Dan again expresses his respect for Jerry's ability to last so long, and assures him there are no hard feelings. Memphis says they've had their differences, but sees him as a friend. "See you... later... Jerry," he finishes lamely, triggering another titter from the audience.

Julie reminds Jerry that at the beginning of the season he called this his "last hurrah," and Jerry talks about how after the finale he basically plans to go home and die. Cheery! Julie teases an "important announcement." And that turns out to be this week's "America's Vote," which is basically a Rupert Boneham award of $25,000 for America's favorite juror. Well, that should soften the blow for Jerry a bit. We'll "find out" the vote results on Tuesday (it'll be Jerry).

Julie gets the final two on the viewscreen and says, "Congratulations, Renegades!" Obviously they're both happy to be there. We'll see if they still feel that way in five days with nothing to do. Enduring that clip show on Sunday is going to be bad enough. I say we put them on slop until the end, just 'cause. And in the final bit of "eavesdropping," they get bleeped so much we can hardly hear a word. Fascinating.

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